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Future of Tourism After Covid 19


Who isn’t aware of Covid 19?  Yes, the global pandemic Covid 19 has created unimaginable havoc in this 21st century. Despite the advancement in science and technologies, the scientists and the researchers still had to struggle to get the vaccine against this deadly virus. Though after continuous and tedious research, the scientists finally came up with vaccines to fight against the Covid 19.

The whole world was suddenly switched to pause when the spread of this deadly virus was at its peak. It spreaded almost all over the world and in no time resulted in massive chaos. Millions and millions of people had to die because of the infection of the Corona Virus all over the globe. The business activities got ruined to a large extent during this period. Many people got bankrupt, lost their jobs and had to change their professions. There were many cases where people had to completely change their way of living.

What Changes has Covid 19 brought for society?

During this global pandemic, it has brought significant changes to the social activities of the people. Now, the people have to maintain social distances, sanitise their hands, wear masks, try to avoid social gatherings etc. The most significant change can be  seen in the education system, where the courses and mode of teaching has gone online.

Covid 19 and Tourism Industry

The impact of the global pandemic Covid 19 had its impact in the tourism industry in many ways. As per the report, it has been noted that there has been a decline in International travel in the past few months which has led to the loss in export revenues. Due to the rise in Covid 19 cases the government ordered nation or state wise lockdowns. As a result people had to remain inside homes and had to cancel all their trips and travelling plans. The tour and travel companies had to suffer a huge loss due to this. The tour companies as a result changed their way of doing business.

The rises in the Covid 19 cases are now slowly decreasing and the mortality rate has declined to a great extent. The government and the health care authorities are continuously delivering their services for curtailing this deadly virus. They are running vaccination drives throughout the country at a great speed and the success rates can be seen. People now have started moving out of their homes and trying to continue their normal day to day activities. In order to get relaxation and to bring focus and joy once again, people have slowly continued to arrange trips and tours.

Though the tourism sector is regaining its lost business activities slowly, the way of doing business will differ. The government authorities have to help these sectors by collaborating with them and working together for mutual development and benefit.

The tourism industries have to shift their offline mode of business to online mode. Those companies which earlier did not have any intention to go for online mode, now situation have compelled them to start with the online mode. Online mode of doing business has led to many pathways. The industries can now advertise their business in social media platforms to gain popularity and support from the clients. Online mode of business has opened job opportunities for some sections of youths. The travel companies are nowadays hiring individuals as interns or part time to work under them and work for the development of their social media handles, web pages etc. Moreover, the tourism companies have to change their funding systems, and should try introducing new funding processes.

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The travel companies now have to keep a strict look on the maintenance of hygiene and safety. After the Covid 19 has shown its impact on the whole world, people are now  more conscious about their health and hygiene. These companies should introduce new plans and policies regarding the bookings on hotels and tickets. They should introduce exciting offers and policies that would encourage people to grab those opportunities and start travelling. The travel companies should remove some restrictions on the booking cancellations and allow flexibility in bookings in order to grab the attention of the people. The travel companies should try to ensure communication transparency in adopting protocols.

After the  covid 19 pandemic gets over or resolved, there is a higher probability that many young generations are going to take part in the tourism business. They are young, energetic, educated and high – spirited. They know how to deal with the tech world, so they have advantages.

Another aspect of Post Covid tourism is that, now the people prefer to travel alone or with their families instead of travelling with strangers and the reason is obvious. Road trips are gaining momentum now and getting more attention.

Thus we have seen now, how Covid 19 has made a deep impact in every sector of business and social lives of people. It has forced people to adapt with the changes and grab the alternatives.





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