Four Insider Tips to Follow When Moving to Delhi

Four Insider Tips to Follow When Moving to Delhi

Delhi is not just the capital city of India, it’s a hub for students and young professionals who want to kickstart their adult lives on the right note. With all the top companies having branches in the city and the best of universities and schools in Delhi, ambitious young people migrate to this city every year. So, if you’re one of these people, you’re in good company. But moving to a new city, even one as cosmopolitan and migrant-ready as Delhi, can require a lot of adjustment. As you get used to the new language, food, culture and dynamics of the city you can feel like your world is shifting off its axis. But there are some ways to get through this change in a hassle-free way and help yourself adjust to the place quickly.  And that’s what we want to share with you today. Make your move to Delhi the most stress-free one ever by following our four insider tips!

Get a headstart

You know the old saying about early birds, right? Well, it’s never truer than when you’re planning a move. You have to try and be as early as possible at every stage of the moving process. Start looking for your accommodation at least a month or two in advance so that you can have plenty of options to choose from. Book your packers and movers ahead of time so that you don’t need to pay any excess charges. And if the hostel or flat you’re moving to is currently unoccupied, ask your landlord if you can get a headstart there as well. Try and move your belongings in before the lease date or arrange to have any bulkier furniture shipped ahead of time so that they can be ready and waiting for you when you arrive.

Use all the packing hacks available

Thanks to the internet, there’s no shortage of hacks to make life easier. And when it comes to packing, the internet has really delivered. So, make use of all that advice when it comes to packing for your big move to Delhi. Group similar items together or colour code your bags and boxes. Try and repurpose your towels and linens as packing materials to save on space. Vacuum seal any off season items to keep them secure and free from infestation. And have a separate bag with all your documents, valuables and essentials that you can keep on you at all times and not worry about getting lost during the move.

Give your landlord time to make repairs

We know that you might be in a rush to move in, especially when you really like the place, but if your flat, hostel or PG had a previous occupant, try not to move in immediately after they vacate. This is because your landlord should take a few days between tenancies to make repairs in the flat. It will give them a chance to take stock of any existing damage, give the place a fresh coat of paint, and deep clean the space before you move in. But if there’s no time in between tenancies, you might have to manage unpacking and moving in while negotiating with painters and repair workers. So, save yourself the hassle and give them a little time.

Opt for the middle of the week

When you’re figuring out the logistics of moving to a PG in Patel Nagar, you have to think strategically. Moving over the weekend or at the beginning or end of the month is always going to cost you extra. Plus, there’s a chance that several of the shops and services that you’ll need after moving in might be shut, especially on a Sunday. Instead, in order to save yourself time, effort and money, schedule your move for a weekday in the middle of the month. Your moving services will cost a lot less and you’ll be able to handle everything without hassle.

These four insider tips should change the way you think about moving to Delhi. So, go ahead and try them out. All the best!


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