Feature of CPU z APK

Feature of CPU z APK

Today i will share cpu z apk which is very useful app for android users.So download cpu z apk from below link and enjoy.

CPU-Z is a free Android software , that belongs to the category Tools & Utilities with subcategory Maintenance & Elevation and has been developed by CPUID.

CPU-Z Cheat Apk is a very useful tool

that will help you to know all the information about your device. It’s totally offline and very fast, so no need to wait for information.

CPU-Z Cheat Apk is a simple cpu z app to menage cpus in our android devices.It can tell us which are the CPUs installed in our devices, how much time is required to boot and much more. You can easily view the information about your devices using this cpu z app for android:

  • – Name and number of CPUs (Core) installed in your device;
  • – Core stepping and process;
  • – Manufacturing process;
  • – Package;
  • – Core voltage;
  • – Internal and external clocks, clock multiplier

It’s available for users with the operating system Android 4.1 or higher, and you can download it in English. Its current version is 1.8.1 and was updated on 02/23/2018 .

The details about the install size of CPU-Z are currently not available. It’s a very popular program in countries such as United States , Indonesia and South Africa. Users of this program gave it a rating of 3 on Google Play.

Link: cpu z apk   DOWNLOAD LINK CPU-Z is the de facto standard among PC enthusiasts and gamers for monitoring and benchmarking their computer and processor performance. It’s a small but powerful tool that uses a clean and elegant interface to provide as much, or as little information as you want, including clock speed, multipliers, temperatures and fan speeds. You can also save your results in the cloud to share them with friends on forums or over social media. Installation is straightforward, just install it and allow it superuser access, then select whether you want to run it when booting up or whether you want to use a widget.

Feature of CPU z APK:

  1. – Comprehensive information about your system;
  2. – A wide range of information on individual devices.
  3. – Automatic detection of the processor and motherboard, as well as detailed specifications for this equipment.

– Monitoring of temperatures, speeds and voltages of devices.   Download CPU z from Google Play Store: DOWNLOAD FROM PLAY STORE Visit here to check out some of the best cpu z apps for android that you can use to monitor and check your Android device’s technical specifications: Top 5: Best CPU z Apps For Android To Check Your Device’s Technical Specifications DOWNLOAD LINKS: CPU-Z Cheat Apk (v1.8.1)        DOWNLOAD LINK Simple cpu z app for android is a very useful tool that will tell you the information about your device.It is totally offline and very fast, so no need to wait for information. CPU z Cheat Apk    DOWNLOAD LINK Info about cpu z app : Size : 5.0 MB Developer : CPUID Languages : English, Chinese, Czech, Danish.


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