Experts say BTC can hit a $10k bottom in a few months

Bitcoin, the first crypto token, became an instant hit amongst investors. The token came as a relief to many, especially after the recession of 2008.

Bitcoin’s purpose and uses

The primary purpose of Bitcoin is to enable peer-to-peer transactions. Investors from across the globe can manage transactions without geographical boundaries. Also, recipients can decide to hold their investments or liquidate the same. In both cases, the token aimed to provide various investment benefits.

Bitcoin is developed on blockchain philosophy and makes use of decentralized finance. Visit this site to get a fair idea of bitcoin trading.

Bitcoin and its working model

Blockchain technology is not rocket science. In simple terms, a blockchain is an online ledger that stores user transactions. All such transactions are stored on the internet. The process of validating each user transaction is known as data mining. Every user transaction breaks down into single units and is stored as a chain in the network. Each of these tokens is assigned a unique reference number. Such a reference number does not trace back to its original users. Other than crypto transactions, blockchain technology is now used for various other reasons. There are user admins who control the blockchain network. These admins control the type and flow of information.

Decentralized finance is another simple working model. It allows users to undertake transactions bypassing banks. It means crypto transactions do not involve any regulatory or central banking agencies. The digital currency is transferred from one user account to another. Banking agencies take a role when a user wishes to liquidate their holdings.

Bitcoin as a digital payment system

Bitcoin became a mainstream payment system in 2009. Many online shopping sites including MNCs like Microsoft and JPMC accept BTC payments. El Salvador is the first country to accept Bitcoin payments. You can easily buy goods and services using Bitcoin tokens. Additionally, users can make payments in retail stores as well. The online payment gateway is revamped to accept Bitcoin payments.

Bitcoin and its global positioning

There has been a gradual increase in Bitcoins market pricing. The token was traded at $1 in early 2009. The price of tokens rose to $200 in 2012. In another five years, the price of tokens went up to $40k per token. The market crash in Bitcoin did impact its prices. The token became a pricey investment model in 2017. Many investors including institutional investors started funding BTC tokens.

Market performance of Bitcoin in 2022

The Crypto market did not start on a good note. The year 2022 has been an unfavorable year for crypto investments.

Yes, there is an increasing awareness about crypto investments. Many experienced and young investors are trying their luck with this investment scheme. Additionally, the total volume of crypto institutional investments has also increased. Many corporate companies are also opening their treasury accounts using cryptos.

In May 2022, Bitcoin traded at $40k per token. The global economic crisis and inflation are major reasons for decreasing prices. In Jun 2022, the price of tokens fell to less than $20k.

BTC market performance in the coming month

Many investment experts think that the price of the token will further decline. The token is expected to fall less than $10k per token.

Now is a good time not to invest in BTC?

Given the current market performance, this is a fundamental question in every investor’s mind. But the answer is a definite yes. It is always a good time to invest in Bitcoins.

The market faced a crash in 2017 as well. But the market soon recovered. The prices of each BTC token went up to $65k per token. Investors were able to gain more than 100% returns using their crypto tokens.

The current market condition is yet another example. The prices of BTC tokens fluctuate every day. Now is the best time to invest in this token. But, do not hurry with your investment. Take time out to study the market condition. You may also diversify your funding to ensure that you do not suffer major losses.

The market condition will recover in the coming months. You will also find tokens turning back to the green trend line in a couple of months. But, there is a waiting period for this recovery.