Decoded1: Out-of-state moving costs in 2022

Relocation can be overwhelming and stressful as it requires a lot of money as well as physical effort. The best way to reduce the physical work is by getting assistance from professional movers but they come with a huge price tag. The higher expensive process makes people think about how much does it cost to move out of state by hiring professionals. Longer journeys involve in relocation just increase the number of obstacles and complications. The more complicated a moving process is, the more time and effort it will require and the more the amount charged by movers. If you are preparing your out-of-state relocation budget and looking for different costs included in the process depending on the moving option you pick then check out this list of costs decoded.

Hiring full service moving organisation

If you are considering hiring a full-service moving company to do all the moving-related tasks such as loading, unloading, transporting, and everything then you should also be ready to pay a little higher. This helps you to have an amazing interstate moving experience as you don’t have to worry about anything. On average you need to spend $4,000 to $5,000 for an interstate move with the help of movers but the range varies depending on numerous numbers of factors.

Hiring a full service moving organisation is the best way to ensure that you get a great deal on your move. Full service movers and small moves state to state are very experienced in all aspects of moving, from packing and organizing to loading and unloading. They will ensure that all of your belongings arrive safely in their new location, and they will help you find the most convenient way to do so.

Truck rental 

This is the cheapest mode of moving and you have to do the rest of the tasks by yourself. For this type of relocation process, you should start the packing and other moving-related tasks by yourself. Though the process is risky as you will be responsible for the damage of the stuff if occurs during transportation. This costs you around $1,500 to $2,000.

Moving container

If you want to work at your own pace and when your move-in date is 2 to 3 days later than your move-out date then this is just an ideal option. This will never make you feel out of space and you can load items into the container at your own pace. Rent the containers for as much as time you require. For such moves, you should have a budget of around $2,200 to $3,000.

Determining price factors

Transportation cost

Out-of-state moves include a lot of miles to travel therefore this is one of the biggest cost deciding factors. The greater the distance from point A to point B, the higher will be the price. Because it requires more time of the driver and also the fuel charges will be added up.

Location of pickup and drop off

The cost can be lower if you require both the location in a metropolitan city while if you are located at an isolated place or village then the cost will be a little higher.

Weight of the stuff and type of vehicle you require

Of course, the higher volume and weight of stuff mean the larger size of vehicle you will require to transport items so more you need to pay. While if your chosen vehicle type is expensive then this will add up the cost.

Apart from that house hunting, selling your property, packing supplies, type of transport you want, traveling arrangements, job hunting, address updating trips, and timing are some factors that will determine the price.

charges of additional services

Moving special items

Relocating special items means special tools and techniques are required. If you have items like a pool table, piano, valuable art pieces, and other awkward-shaped items to relocate then this will vary the moving charges.


If the moving truck can’t be parked just right in front of the door and movers require to carry the items for longer to load and unload in and from the moving vehicle then an additional fee will be incurred by out-of-state movers. Also, if there is a requirement for stair carry and several flights of ups and downs are required then the professionals need to spend more time and effort on the completion of the relocation process.

Shuttle service

The service is required by people when moving trucks can’t be parked near their homes. When the home is located in remote areas without parking then shuttle service is required to transport belongings.

Bottom line!!!

Though there is no one answer, this decoded price list will help you to know the real market scenario to a great extent. Considering this helps you in predicting price so planning your relocation and finances becomes easier for you.