How to Connect Wireless Headphones to Smart Samsung TV

How to Connect Wireless Headphones to Smart Samsung TV

Do you love to stay late at night to watch your favorite film or show or Series? As you need to sit in front of the TV around night time without upsetting others to make an effort to sleep. Or then again, you want to shut out the noise of your nearby environment. Like that irritating doggy nearby who won’t quit barking – while getting up to speed with The Flash.

To avoid the noise around you can Connect Wireless Headphones to Smart Samsung TV. The noise can be of anything. So if you connect your TV with wireless headphones you can avoid noise.

Connecting Wireless Headphones to Smart Samsung TV

Honesty, many people don’t realize they can associate a pair of earphones to their TV, nor do they know how to. Linking wireless earphones to your TV doesn’t need to be troublesome. There are a few different ways you can pull it off, paying little heed to what television you have.

Guidance to Pair Bluetooth Devices to Your Samsung television

While there are a lot of wired devices, you can associate with your television. You can likewise pair many speakers or earphones using Bluetooth. A remote connection is an incredible method to drop the knot of wires. That amasses as you interface your home amusement gear, and setting it up is direct.

Navigate the menu for Wireless connection

The procedure isn’t that unique about pairing devices with a telephone. Yet, you will explore the menus with the remote. Here’s how to do it. So, you have Samsung television and want to know how to connect remote earphones? Let me tell you then you are in the right place.

A simple method to connect wireless headphones

Utilizing the technique, we will let you know here. In this way, you can connect remote earphones with any television and set. So, to play your preferred show, raise the volume and enjoy without upsetting others. You don’t have to buy an extra connector and loads of other stuff to make your television wireless.

For instance, you are at home with family or in a room with somebody. Also, you would prefer not to trouble them. In this way, connect your wireless headphones and sit on your sofa or bed and adore. Now the question arises.

Ensure Built-in Bluetooth feature in Samsung TV

First of all, ensure that Your Samsung television has built-in Bluetooth features. Turn on your tv and earphones. Press the home button utilizing your television remote, and you will see the home screen menu. Use the ups downs button to explore and choose the setting option. You will understand the different sound output options. Now select the Bluetooth option and pair it.

On the off chance that you won’t see Bluetooth earphones list or you can’t pair them, then surf the internet. Here we will show you in detail. How you can configure the Samsung television setting to connect wireless earphones.

Accessories required for connection

Before going to pairing, how about we see what accessories you have. To connect remote earphones to Samsung television. You ought to have the following things.

  • Samsung Smart television containing a built-in Bluetooth feature.
  • The button remote control. Try not to use any touch remote. It won’t work since you can open a secret or engineering menu with a remote that has a button.
  • Wireless earphones

Instructions to Connect Wireless Headphones to Smart Samsung TV

You need to follow two simple steps to pair remote earphones with Samsung television. If your headset connects with step one. That sounds great; otherwise, follow step two.

Step One

  • Firstly, Open Menu
  • Secondly, Go to Sound Option > Speaker Setting> Sound Share Setting.
  • Thirdly Beneath Sound Share Settings >Add a New Device.

If you have a Samsung gadget, it will connect. Because Setting allows Samsung devices to connect. And if you have other brand earphones, don’t stress.  Follow step two, you will find your solution.

Step Two

Take a remote-control containing the button.

  • Open Service menu in the following order hit info button > then menu button > mute button > and toward the end hit the power button.

Press these buttons one by one and don’t take a lot of break-in proceedings between two buttons. Push them one by one. In the case of everything works out in the right way, you will see a menu that seems like this one shown below.

Various combinations of different devices. For our situation, the First combination work for us.

  • Display / Info + Menu + Mute + Power
  • Display / Info + P.STD + Mute + Power
  • Mute + 1 + 8 + 2 + Power
  • STD + Help + Sleep + Power
  • STD + Menu + Sleep + Power
  • Sleep + P.STD + Mute + Power


  • Now choose the option button and hit the enter button. You’ll see a menu with the “Engineer Option.”
  • You don’t have to modify anything here. Simply hit “Engineer Option,” and in Engineer Option, you need to look for “BT_AUDIO_ON_OFF.”
  • Turn it On.
  • Now turn off your television and simply hit the power button and once again Turn on your TV.
  • Then, once more, go to the menu > Setting> Speaker Setting.
  • Now, look for the Bluetooth earphones list shows up.
  • That’s it. Directly Enter on Bluetooth earphones list and turn on your remote earphone. Push on the button on wireless earphones for 10 to 15 seconds. At the point when your gadget discovered, leave it. Click-on needs pair.
  • Then select your gadget. Select the device that relates to your earphones or speakers, and select the pair and connect button. The TV will deal with the rest of the procedure and will tell you when the pairing complete.
  • Discover the gadget in the available output. When paired, the device will appear under the available sound-output options. To deselect the gadget, switch the output back to the television’s internal speakers or another gadget. This is all & you all set.

Caution: Ensure your remote earphone is charged.

We trust this guide will assist you in connecting your remote earphones to Samsung television. Still, any issue you can repeat the above-given steps if there is any step missed.


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