How to Clean your Galaxy Buds

How to Clean your Galaxy Buds without Damaging them

Earbuds are useful, they allow you to listen to your favorite tunes in a more appropriate manner, but sometimes earbuds can get quite gross looking.

After all, they’re pushed in the ears all the time that is the house of wax. This not only makes them sticky but also degrades their performance.

In most cases, the volume of single or both buds might be reduced significantly, or they may not work altogether—generally, this the time when you should think about cleaning your earbuds.

How often we should clean our earbuds?

Being said that, one common question that most users ask is how often we should clean our earbuds? Well, the short answer is, Earbuds should be cleaned every so often because they are directly exposed to natural and environmental elements such as sweat, oils, bacteria, and other similar things.

According to experts and various studies, your earbuds contain more bacteria than a yeast! Apart from the bacteria, there are numerous harmful elements like sweat, body oil, hair product, dirt, dust, and more, which can cause some severe problems to your ear canal, if not cleaned timely and properly.

The Galaxy Buds come in a perfectly sealed and a closed case. But they’re prone to dirt, grime, and other elements mentioned above. So, therefore, regular and adequate cleaning of your Galaxy Buds is a must because germs and bacteria can creep around and enter into your ear canal.

If you are thinking, how to clean the Galaxy Buds? Don’t worry; it is simple and will not take more than a few minutes. Just remember that Samsung Galaxy Buds are not resistant to water, so use minimum water and ensure that the earbuds are completely dry before using them.

How to Clean Galaxy Buds

If your earbuds have stopped working or you are facing the problem like one ear working, one not then, before cleaning the earbuds, test them with any other source. This is because there possibilities that your audio jack is not on that particular device or any other similar issue.
Now, if the problem persists, move on to the cleaning to earbuds.

How comprehensively you will have to clean your Galaxy earbuds mainly depends on their overall condition and on how dull they look. Here, you will have to pull out your Buds and inspect them closely. Possibly, you will see a lot of earwax on them along with the dirt and dust.

Clean the Grill First

Now, ensure that your Galaxy Buds are completely unplugged before the cleaning process. Here, we will recommend you to check the earbuds grill first. To do this, hold the grill downside, and take a stiff brush that you can use to on the surface of the grill.

For this purpose, you can also use a toothbrush. Don’t put too much pressure on the grill because it will thrust the material on to the grill. Similarly, don’t twist or scuff hard the grill as it might affect the volume and quality of sound, and it will be hard to fix.

For most earbuds, cleaning the grill is enough. However, if the issue is still there, you will have to clean the buds thoroughly. For proper cleaning of the Galaxy Buds, no special tools are needed; just common household items are enough. To clean the buds, follow these steps.

Simple Steps to clean the Galaxy Buds

  • First, remove the tip of Galaxy Buds by twisting it as you pull. Then remove the wingtip part located on the broader area of the earbud. Now, you have three separate pieces of earbuds, and you can start to wipe them all one by one.
  • Take a normal soft microfiber cleaning fabric or a paper towel, or you can use any lint-free towel for this purpose. But be careful not to use tissue paper or any other fabric or items that can leave the fibers on the surface. This might block the small holes and their case.
  • Now, take that soft fabric or lint-free towel and slightly dip it in the plain water. If the condition of the earbuds is worst, you can use the soapy water.
  • Then, wipe down the earbuds and silicone parts thoroughly and gently. Here, a tip of the cloth or towel will be helpful as it can work in the tiniest spots.
  • When wiping them down, you will notice that the tip of the earbud is getting squished; don’t get panic; it will come back to its original position when you’re done. Sometimes, the tip does not come back to its location, so you will have to push it to get the tip in place.
  • You will notice a small cutout around the wingtip area that lines up with a pin on the earbud, so ever worry about the incorrect alignment.
  • Now, move back to the Galaxy Buds case. It might be filthier than the earbuds. Here, don’t use too much water. We will advise you to begin with a near-dry or totally dry fabric.
  • According to Headphones Radar, be very cautious when cleaning the inner part of these Galaxy wireless earbuds, as the pins inside can get damaged easily. Be careful and precise as possible, and pay attention to the areas where you notice the grime or dirt.

Final Words

If you are using the water to clean the case of the Galaxy Buds, then after cleaning it, leave the case open so that it can dry completely. After all, no wants the wet components inside the case. The earbuds will only take fifteen to twenty minutes for drying, and after that, you can use them for your next music listening session.

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