Christmas Gift Guide For Gymnastics

The holiday season is less than a month away. This means the start of the shopping frenzy has began. For many people, buying gifts can be a stressful and difficult process especially when you have to buy an array of gifts and having to decide what to buy for different people on your shopping list. Fortunately, there is still time to to think and decide on what gifts are suitable.

If you have a gymnast on your gifting list and wonder what you want to put under the tree this year, do scroll ahead for some gift ideas that may help you make up your mind.

Gymnast Outfit

Whether the gymnast is getting ready for practice or gearing up for a competition, it is crucial that she looks and feel her best while doing gymnastics. A gift of comfortable and durable gymnastic leotard and apparel is an awesome idea.  Every gymnast loves a new outfit.  You may also consider getting her a sexy bikini outfit or some gears that support her favorite team such as hoodies, leggings or campus tees from her favorite college team.

Gym Bag

There are so many things to bring along to her practice like athletic tape, towel, hairbrush, flip flops, extra pair of clothes and etc.  These are just some of the important items that she needs to have with her all the time so she needs something to put them. A gym bag makes a good gift.

Water Bottle

Drinking water is important especially after hours of practice to stay hydrated. A water bottle in cool colors will be able to motivate your gymnast to drink more.

Inspirational Books

There are many great books written by and for gymnasts such as autobiographies, fiction or non fiction. All these books talk about triumph, hard work and how to overcome difficulties. Every gymnast has one or more role models.  So gifting inspirational books written by gymnasts will give them encouragement and it is something that is relatable.  Some of the writers have book signings all over the country and it would be awesome if you can bring your gymnast to get the book signed by their favorite gymnast.

Gifts For Practice And Training

When not at the gymnastics, your gymnast is probably spending time to train at home as well. Therefore it is a great idea to invest in an air track mat so that she can train safely at home. An air track mat is an inflatable landing surface or tumbling mats for gymnasts, cheerleaders, martial artist or any type of sports that involve tumbling practice. Air tracks are made from durable PVC material and filled with air using air pumps. They look like long rectangles and usually are about three feet wide and up to twenty feet long. These mats provide a bouncy surface that is highly versatile.

Gymnasts require resistance and also cushion surface to perform some manoeuvres. This is where air track mats come in to provide the right floor padding for her to practice headstands, cartwheels, handsprings, standing tucks and more with reduced risk of injury.  These mats will help to improve her tumbling and floor skills greatly. They are one of the best choices for home use because of their portability. Air track mats can be moved around easily. They are also easy to set up and deflate for compact storage when not in use. It is a very good investment because your gymnast will continue to be able to use the mat as she advances. You can also easily transform any space into a gymnastic facility.

The best place to shop for air tracks is at Kameymall, a leading online shopping platform that offer a huge selection of high quality air track mats and other sports and outdoor products such as zorb ball, which is a giant inflatable ball that looks like a hamster ball.  This adrenaline pumping game using zorb ball is known as zorbing and a person is encased inside the zorb ball while being rolled down a slope or hill.

Something Fun

When your gymnast brings back all her medals, it would be nice to have something where she can display the medals. A medal holder is the ideal gift for a gymnast this Christmas.  You can find one that is personalized with her name for a personal touch.


Gifting your gymnast with a charm necklace that is personalized with a name and birthstone is a pretty gift idea. It is always nice to have a piece of jewelry as gift, especially one that includes her favorite sports.

Stocking Stuffers

If you are also looking for some stocking stuffer for your gymnast, you may consider a few of these items:-

  • Athletic tape
  • Headband
  • Socks
  • Ice Packs
  • Wristbands
  • Bag Tags
  • Hair Ties

The above list of items is not only great for Christmas but for birthdays as well.


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