turmeric in Australia

Check Out These Healthy Kitchen Staples to Stay Fit

Australia’s perfect weather and beautiful sceneries make it encouraging to keep a healthy lifestyle. So, when talking about Australians, one might easily visualise a fit person who jogs daily along cinematic landscapes.

However, being physically active is not the only determinant of a healthy lifestyle. You should also actually follow a healthy diet to complement your workout sessions. That being said, you should, in fact, keep a close eye on what you eat: from your main ingredients to your spices of choice.

Thankfully, the Land Down Under has no shortage of spices that can liven up your everyday meal while keeping you fit. This includes turmeric, Australia’s favourite staple. This article actually lists down some of the ways it can improve your everyday routine.

It helps your body combat several chronic diseases

Being physically active and regularly having healthy meals keeps you strong. Fortunately, buying turmeric in Australia helps make your meal rich and flavourful while allowing you to age gracefully. It also actually has vitamins and minerals that help you prevent diseases.

Because ageing people are more prone to chronic diseases such as cancer, Type 2 diabetes, and heart diseases, you have to take care of your body while you are young. Spices such as turmeric work great in helping your body keep its blood sugar steady and reduce inflammation in the body.

It helps boost your immune system

Certain internal and external factors like air pollution weaken the body’s immune system. As such, you must do what you can to keep your body healthy and your immune responses strong.

Thankfully, an active component in turmeric called curcumin acts as an effective immune modulator that influences important immune cells such as B cells, T cells, and Natural Killer cells. All of these are beneficial to keeping your immune system optimal. So, by consuming turmeric in low doses, you improve your antibody responses which help people fight infections.

It helps keep your cognitive functions in tip-top shape

Regular exercise in Australia’s friendly neighbourhoods is undeniably a great way to keep your cognitive functions in excellent condition. However, you might want to take your ways to achieve cognitive wellness up a notch by being more intentional about what you consume.

Another active ingredient present in turmeric is turmerone, which is beneficial to people with Alzheimer’s disease or stroke. Apart from preventing neurodegenerative diseases, it helps boost cell repair and aids the recovery of cognitive function.

It helps boost your mood

Because food significantly affects an individual’s physical and mental health, it is important to consume food that helps boost mood-regulating neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin.

Several compounds present in turmeric are known to potentially help antidepressants work better and possibly ease depression. For example, curcumin helps reverse detrimental brain changes that occur in people with depression.

Whether you are trying to establish or keep a healthy lifestyle, maintaining a healthy diet and opting for healthier choices should be one of your top priorities. Spices such as turmeric can help you achieve your fitness goals. So feel free to buy turmeric in Australia —and see the long-term benefits in the process.

Written By- Alison Lurie


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