Can You Connect Bluetooth Headphones to Xbox One

Can You Connect Bluetooth Headphones to Xbox One?

Have you recently bought a Bluetooth headset for your Xbox One?  Or got one talented to you?  Regardless, it would be helpful if you’re anxious to try them out.  But, I guess you wonder the way to connect the Bluetooth headphones to your Xbox One, or even can you?  Well, I’ve brought a trick up my sleeve that will help you out.

Xbox lacks Bluetooth connectivity

Bluetooth headphones are the perfect way to enjoy a console gaming experience.  PS4 owners can connect virtually any Bluetooth headphones model to benefit from the wireless benefits throughout the operating system. Xbox One owners aren’t as lucky.  There’s absolutely no official choice available through the operating system to benefit from this gameplay need.

Use a third-party device to connect Bluetooth

With a little creativity, you can address this problem.  You’ll require a third-party device to function as a bridge between your Bluetooth headphones and your Xbox One link. Do you need to connect Bluetooth headphones to Xbox One?  It’s not a simple way because Xbox One console doesn’t feature Bluetooth functionality.

Complete Guide by AEIOU

Fortunately, it’s still possible to do this job by bridging between your Xbox One and Bluetooth headphones.  Aeiou shows you a complete guide on how best to connect Bluetooth headphones to Xbox One control. Since the launch of the Xbox One, the console is a favorite with many gamers.

Xbox One Bluetooth Adapter

Even though the console features a high prevalence, Xbox One users may experience a frequent issue — it is hard to connect the Xbox One to Bluetooth headphones. If you’re also among these users, you might ask: can I link Bluetooth headphones to Xbox One?  It appears impossible, but you really can do this job with an Xbox One Bluetooth adapter.  Now, let us see a complete guide.

Xbox doesn’t support any Bluetooth function

Many people are wondering if you can connect Bluetooth headsets to Xbox One. Xbox One doesn’t support any Bluetooth function, so basically it’s got no means to connect wireless headphones or microphones with it. However, the lack of Bluetooth capabilities on the Xbox One has attracted criticism from several users.

Some individuals have expressed concerns that wireless headsets will be rendered obsolete by the arrival of more powerful and modern wireless devices. I’ve spoken to several individuals who state that the future of gaming is in the integration of accessories into the game environment.

How particular headsets work?

Connect Bluetooth headsets to your Xbox One; it will be essential to know a little bit about how these particular headsets work. Typically, this type of headset utilizes a standard 3.5 mm jack for transmitting data. These devices usually employ a high-speed radio like the 5G radio.

This technology provides a wireless connection, but the clarity and range of transmission are typically limited. The signal will often become garbled or distorted, however. Furthermore, some interference could occur from other wireless devices within range.

Device & wireless router connection

The Bluetooth feature on the Xbox One allows users to use any Bluetooth device that’s capable of connecting to the headset. Therefore, this headset utilizes the same technology as all other Bluetooth devices. A connection must establish between the device and the wireless router.

In other words, your computer could easily detect a Bluetooth connection. But the actual link may be only short-lived – the headset and other Bluetooth devices could help both disconnects without prior notice. A password is generally required to make a secure connection.

Two-way communication

This shortcoming frequently sees as a drawback. The Xbox One can connect up to five wireless headsets at the same time. Since each headset has its wireless router, there is a possibility of two-way communication (two headsets transmitting simultaneously).

However, since each headset connects to the Xbox One through a separate connection, there is no such risk. So long as no interference experienced, this is a plus point for the wireless headset.

Another significant issue is that unlike previous headsets, the new wireless adapter cannot use with other wireless devices. The adapter has to remain connected to the Xbox One to work with other wireless devices. Otherwise, the wireless adapter is rendered useless.

Use wireless adapter card

With other wireless headsets, this scenario is never possible, as other wireless devices can automatically detect the wireless adapter and use it to connect to the console. It makes using other headsets a viable option – you can use the wireless adapter card. Still, the wireless adapter card has to stay attached to the console for the wireless connection to work.

Also, it has to note that the Xbox One needs to be within approximately 10 feet of the wireless device to establish a wireless connection. It makes it difficult for other wireless devices that are in the range of the Xbox One itself to develop a link to the player. This distance requirement might seem quite daunting to some.

Still, if you have a large family or a group of friends that are also using the same device, then this distance requirement will not be an issue at all. It can be a significant impediment to gaming as you cannot play games or chat with your friends, especially when the other person has to walk back to the router.

Wireless adapters compatibility

Wireless adapters also present another compatibility issue when it comes to older models of the Xbox One. Older headsets are already manufactured and are thus not compatible with wireless adapters.

Hence, it will be necessary for owners of these older headsets to buy wireless adapters to allow them to establish a connection with the Xbox One. Since most wireless adapters for the Xbox One can also use to establish a relationship with other wireless devices, this can make life a lot easier.

Wrap Up

To summarize, before you purchase any headset to use with the Xbox One, you must establish what kind of device you want to connect. Suppose you want to use the headset for communication with other users or to play games. In that case, there will be no compatibility issues with the Xbox One.

However, suppose you want to use the headset to listen to music. In that case, you need to consider whether the headset’s sound quality leaves something to be desired. It can often be a subjective issue and will depend on different people.

The best way to determine you need to purchase a Bluetooth adapter or a wireless adapter to connect your Xbox One. It is to play some audio clips on the device and decide for yourself.


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