Caffeine Powder; Effects, Addiction, Diagnosis

Caffeine Powder; Effects, Addiction, Diagnosis

Caffeine is a popular healthy stimulant used by students, athletes, and many other people to stay mentally alert. In its powdered form, caffeine is deemed to be more effective and in fact, there was a recent crackdown by the FDA asking people to limit their intake of this energy booster.

In this article, I will walk you down what you need to know about the effects, addiction, and diagnosis of the possible problems emanating from the use of caffeine powder.

What are the effects of using caffeine powder?

When consumed in low to moderate amounts, powdered caffeine are healthy products that help improve body metabolism, mental performance, physical wellbeing and to boost one’s mood. Check here for the best drug rehab.

However, too much caffeine raises the body’s tolerance and has dangerous side effects. Some of these side effects are:

  • Insomnia: Although many people consume caffeine to keep them from sleeping, too much caffeine makes it difficult to sleep.
  • Rapid heart rate: it’s been observed in some people that their heart beats faster when they consume an overly high amount of caffeine
  • Anxiety: Caffeine keeps one mentally alert but when it gets too much in the body, it turns counterproductive in the sense that the body starts getting tired and at the same time high on energy. The result of this is increased anxiety and nervousness.
  • High blood pressure: When consumed at high doses or consumed before exercising caffeine raises the blood pressure.
  • Prolonged consumption of caffeine powder can cause muscle breakdown which can also lead to kidney failure.
  • Seizures and death: in the recent case of a teenager who was found dead after experiencing seizures due to the toxic levels of caffeine powder in his blood.
  • Another adverse side effect is addiction. Too much intake of caffeine powder leads one down the road of becoming an addict.

What is the likelihood of becoming addicted?

Consuming too much caffeine is a sure way of suffering an addiction problem. The major problem with the use of caffeine powder lies in how difficult it is to measure the rate of consumption.

Manufacturers of caffeine powder left the consumers to decide on their own  how much caffeine powder to consume per time and this holds a grave addiction problem. According to a report by the FDA, one single teaspoon of pure powder caffeine can contain 3,200 milligrams of caffeine. That’s equivalent to between 20 and 28 cups of coffee.

How to know if you are having a caffeine addiction problem?

  • Numerous unsuccessful attempts to control the use of caffeine.
  • Continued use of caffeine even after realizing you are experiencing psychological problems that are most likely caused or exacerbated by caffeine intake.
  • When you need to consume a higher dose to achieve the desired results.
  • When you can’t seem to get through your routine activities without having a shot of caffeine pumped into your blood.
  • Intermittently experiencing a strong desire or craving to consume caffeine.

These are some of the symptoms you will show when you are having a caffeine addiction problem.

How to diagnose the problem of too much caffeine powder?

Experts advise that anyone who suspects that he or she is having a problem with too much caffeine should seek the audience of their medical practitioner.

Inform the doctor about your caffeine consumption habits and the symptoms or adverse effects you have been noticing for a while. The doctor will check your breathing rate, heartbeat, and your blood pressure will also likely be monitored. Your temperature may be taken, and you may be given a urine or blood test to identify the drugs in your system.


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