Betting on sports: it’s easier than you think

As the rules regarding online betting in the United States are changing, millions more sports fans are beginning to take advantage by gambling on their favourite teams and players. Following the removal of the blanket ban on betting in the US, each state has been trusted to make their call on how to proceed with betting. Governors face a tough decision, stick with the old ways or step into the new dawn.

Many major states have already raced ahead, legalising online sports and casino gambling. New Jersey was the fastest out of the traps, joining Las Vegas as a state that permits betting amongst residents and visitors. Others quickly followed while the likes of New York and California put it to a debate.

The people will vote on whether to allow betting or stick hard to the long-running ban. Regardless of what the remaining states decide, legal online sports betting will soon be available in the majority of regions across the country.

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Online betting can seem confusing

These changes have caught the 토토사이트 of many who are keen to take advantage and place bets on football, soccer, tennis, horse racing, basketball and other popular sports. Millions have already signed up to legal and licensed sportsbooks, using desktop computers and smartphones to register and secure the welcome bonus free bets offered by the most successful bookies.

Others remain wary, unsure of what is going on and where they stand regarding the legality and the process of placing a bet. The danger with sports betting 먹튀검증업체 is that you could lose your stake money if you make a wrong selection, back a losing team, or make a mistake. Traders don’t want to hear that you made a mistake and meant to back the horse that won the race rather than the runner up. There’s no going back once a bet has been locked in, and that worries less experienced players.

The gambling industry is full of jargon, and this is another reason new bettors could be put off trying their luck by betting on the NFL, NBA or MLS. The types of bets may seem strange, confusing or even scary. Even if you desire to bet with a legal sportsbook, it’s understandable to be hesitant before making the jump and placing your first wager.

How to get started

Getting started online betting is quick and easy, taking just a few minutes. You can browse your favourite betting apps, but to place a bet, you must be a registered member of the bookie. This is to ensure you are over the legal gambling age and have a payment account in the same name as your sportsbook account. This can be done using your Android or iOS smartphone, tablet device or your home computer.

Bettors must complete the sign-up process once to secure a username and password, which can be used to access a betting account at any time. Follow the steps below to create an account with your chosen bookie in the quickest and most secure way possible. Please follow each step as missing one could delay the sign-up process, or you could miss out on the welcome bonus free bet.

  1. Visit the homepage of your chosen bookie and click join
  2. Fill in the registration form with your name and details
  3. Create a username and password
  4. Make your first deposit and place a bet
  5. Your welcome bonus free bet will be added to your account

Get the best welcome bonus

The best betting apps give all new customers a welcome bonus when they follow the above steps and create an account. The deals come in many different shapes and sizes but they are meant to serve the same purpose, to convince bettors to choose one bookie over the competition. The most generous welcome bonus helps a bookie stand out from the crowd. Here are some of the offers you can expect to find available today.

  • Free bets
  • Enhanced odds
  • Deposit matched bets
  • Cashback
  • Profit boost

When faced with so much choice it’s important that you don’t simply snap at the first mildly appealing offer you see. Take your time, browse what’s available and get the bonus that is right for you. You can open an account with more than one bookie, landing the free bets and offers available at each.


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