Best Photo Effects Apps for Instagram

Best Photo Effects Apps for Instagram

Adding photo filters and effects to your picture makes your image stand out on social media. Black and white photo filters make your photo look old, emphasizing the textures inside. Blurring photos editors will give your subject more contrast between colors and help you highlight it.

Use the photo effects and use your photos like a pro by changing your photo’s texture with just one click.

The top Instagram photo effects software  can help you find the perfect image to upload. And you don’t have to pay a professional graphic designer to get your images edited.

Instagram Photo Editors: Why Use Them?

Instagram users have surpassed one billion in June 2018. Worldwide, there are about seven billion people. And 60% of Instagram users say that they discover products on Insta.

So Instagram is one of the most popular channels for attracting and retaining customers. However, there are already more than 25 million business accounts on this app. And that number is only going to grow.

It means you are up against some stiff competition. Your images should be up to par if you wish to emerge from the noise.

You can edit your Instagram images with Instagram’s regular editor. But if you’re reading this article, you’re probably searching for an Instagram photo editor.

Photo editors can help you in these areas:

  • A resizing app, i.e. an app that resizes photos to fit Instagram’s square specifications without losing the quality of the picture.
  • If you want to get more creative with your photos, you can turn them into infographics, make flipbooks, or add text, overlays, and captions.
  • These apps contain options such as editing and effects, which range from basic cropping and background scaling, to change colour, hue, and saturation.

Some apps fall into one category, while others fall into several. Some apps are free, and some are very expensive.

In this article, we found some of the best software that works for you.

5 Instagram Photo Editors for you to take advantage of

Each of these applications is free—at least for the basic features—and most of them are available on both Android and iOS.

1.  Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC

Photoshop Lightroom CC is popular among designers and photographers, along with a mobile app for when you’re on the go and need to edit photos.

Following are the features that Adobe Photoshop Lightroom provides:

  • Color, exposure, and contrast can all be changed with tone curve editing tools.
  • Editing photos in bulk enables you to use a consistent style and apply edits across pics.
  • Feel free to edit a portion of the photo with your finger or with a stylus. Or whatever appendage you prefer to try..
  • Make your Instagram pictures even better with the hashtag #lightroom.
  • A premium feature Adobe Sensei also makes it possible to tag photos automatically based on what’s in them and where they were taken. Kind of creepy, but still fun.

The basic features of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC can be used on iOS and Android. Premium features include access across all devices.

2.   Exposure

There are a ton of professional features and a library of amazing photo looks to choose from in Exposure. New automatic adjustments drive your workflow and keep you in the creative zone.

Innovative features such as the Advanced Color Editor, realistic film grain, artistic focus effects, and overlays take you wherever your imagination takes you.

The fastest photo editor is also the best creative one. Exposure makes editing as fast and smooth as possible by using your GPU.

It is a complete photo editor as well as a plug-in.

3.   VSCO

Among the reasons our graphic designers love this program are the following:

  • Having the advanced controls in the camera means you can edit photos in the app..
  • You can add the same filters to Adobe Lightroom on desktop & mobile devices, so you can edit photos the same way on both.
  • The hashtag #VSCO on Instagram connects you to a creative community of photographers.

Lastly, it is available for iOS and Android.

4.   Photo Effects By Vertexshare

With thousands of variables and more than 30 filters, Photo Effects is an excellent tool for adjusting the way a picture appears.

Vertexshare’s Photo Effects for PC makes it quick and easy to add effects and filters to your photos. Enhance your photo for crafting stunning imagery. A beginner doesn’t need any Photoshop skills, this app is designed specifically for beginners!

It’s super easy to use, allowing you to drag and drop in images or just use the regular add image option.

It also comes with a set of preset filters so there’s no need to hunt for features. Edited images can then be exported to the destination of your choice.

5.   Fotor

The free online editor Fotor is a perfect way to tidy up images. It has a ton of tools so you can take your photo from ordinary to super-cool. You can also add text to your images using its templates.

Layers can be added with the gaming software, which is an advantage if you would like to add more to your picture. It also makes it possible to work in different parts of an image without having to risk having it affect any of the other layers, helping to prevent non-undoable mistakes that tend to ruin a workday.

Just like Canva, there are a few paid options, but enough to keep you busy without spending too much.


You’ve just seen our top picks for Instagram photo editing apps and software, many of which are free to use. As for the best, it entirely depends on what you are looking for and how complicated you wish to make it.

There are many Instagram photo editor apps and services available that offer relatively basic functionality, meaning you can start using them right away.

You will have to spend more time learning more complex software online generator than the more simple versions, but if you do you’ll probably end up with a much better result.

Why not check out the following choices and choose your favorite? Let us know in the comments which one you liked the most 🙂


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