Headphones for Drummers

Best Headphones for Drummers 2021 [Buying Guide]

Being a member of a music band is an incredible experience. It is particularly valid on the off chance that you are a drummer. The most urgent job of the drummer, as you presumably know, is making, executing, and keeping up the beat of the song. Be that as it may, as a drummer, you would require the best accessible devices in your bag. So you will find Best Headphones for Drummers in this article.

Best Headphones for Electronic Drums

Electronic drums have been on the trendy for a long time now. They are smart gadgets with the most recent mechanical progression, helping you to release your correct drumming abilities. In reality, they are ideal for home practice, studios, and in front of audience performance.

Be that as it may, to give your best performance, regardless of whether it is a practice session or a live one, you should be in contact with the sound you produce. It is the place the best headphones for electronic drums step in. Even though they may seem like your standard pair headphones, they can surely pull that sound from hi-hats and kicks directly into your ears.

Highly Recommended

Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro Headphones

Beyerdynamic DT 770 

Editor's Choice

Sennheiser HD280 Pro

Sennheiser HD 280 

Things to consider before purchasing the best drumming headphones

Sound Quality

Be it In-ear or Over-the-ear setup, the sound that headphones give must be clear, crisp, and exact. Drummers must have the option to tune in to all mergers of instruments and vocals, alongside his playing. So, drummers ought to pick the best headphones for mixing.

Noise Isolation

Noise Isolation relies upon a few encompassing conditions like the number of crowds, sort of venue, and reason for playing (in front of an audience or studio). In-ear headphones are known to give better noise isolation and upgraded sound quality when contrasted with over-the-ear headphones since they fit cozily profound into the ear.

Comfortable fit

Any headphones that don’t fit well are surely going to hurt in any event, when worn for only a couple of hours. Right now, the-ear design referred to be progressively useful as it can fit practically all users and usually have to cushion.


If you want an excess of sound spillage and favor toward even sound quality for practical drumming experience, search for Lower Ohm headphones with closed drivers. Headphones with a high impedance may require an isolated speaker to convey its best sound.

In this way, it strongly suggested utilizing headphones that exceptionally intended for drummers to help these hearing issues. There are a lot of headphones accessible to drumming. Given every one of these things, we have exhaustively inspected the top best headphones for drumming.

Best Headphones for Drummers 2021

Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro Headphones

Beyerdynamic is known for its unrivalled sound quality. They are flawlessly connecting with electronic drums and general use. IF you are consistently in the studio, and recording your drum, at that point, Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro is the headphone to get. It is perhaps the best headphone for drummers who need to have a long recording consistently.

Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro Headphones


  • 96 dB Sensitivity.
  • 32 Ω/80 Ω/250 Ω Nominal impedance.
  • 5 – 35000 Hz Frequency response.
  • 270 g Weight (without a wire).
  • Eight feet long with an in-line volume control Cord.
  • 105 dB Sound pressure level.
  • Two years Warranty.

Pros & Cons

  • Three models accessible
  • Decent sound-isolating design
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Suitable for both experts and beginners
  • Comfortable and replaceable soft earpads.
  • High isolation of surrounding noises
  • Perfect for proficient recording and monitoring
  • Soft velour ear cushions for most exceptional comfort
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Bright and vibrant sound output
  • Build quality is acceptable.
  • Improved bass response
  • A bit costly for a beginner setup
  • The built-in wire isn’t the most flexible arrangement.
  • Rattling noise when full
  • Big and heavy
  • Non-replaceable wire
  • Not reasonable for mobile use

KAT Percussion KTUI26 Drummers Headphones

KAT Percussion KTUI26 Ultra Isolation Headphones highlight a tremendous dynamic range alongside in active noise cancellation features. Organization that spends significant time in designing headphones for drummers. Concerning this model, it can work superbly of diminishing external noise. According to the maker, the decrease goes up to 26dB.

KAT Percussion KTUI26 Headphones


  • 110 dB Sensitivity.
  • 32 Ω Nominal impedance.
  • 20 – 20,000 Hz Frequency response.
  • 40mm dynamics
  • Great for rehearsing acoustic drums
  • Long studio recording or following
  • Eliminate ear exhaustion
  • Lightweight and strong construction
  • Large froth ear pads
  • 40 mm, mylarcon construction Driver size
  • 110 dB ±3 dB (1 mW at 1 kHz) SPL
  • Uninvolved, diminishes outside noise isolation by 26 dB
  • Over-ear Mount/wear style
  • 1/” stereo headphone jack connections
  • 1/8″ to 1/4″ stereo connector
  • 6’/183 cm Cord length
  • Eight oz/307 g Weight

Pros & Cons

  • Excellent sound-isolating design
  • A brilliant job at decreasing outside noise
  • Padded ear pads add to the general comfort.
  • Two jacks for expanded flexibility.
  • Lightweight and solid
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Noise isolation by 26dB
  • Low-cost
  • Durable construction
  • Not appropriate for proficient studios
  • Short wire
  • The bass reproduction could be better.
  • Earpad gathering is poor.
  • Fits too firmly; Might feel painful following 2-3 hours.
  • Sound quality probably won’t be impressive.

Sennheiser HD 280 Pro Drummers Headphones

Sennheiser HD 280 PRO is designed mainly for proficient studio use. It was released in 2003 and has experienced a few changes in design and features. One thing is without a doubt that it has never frustrated its clients.

Sennheiser HD280 Pro


  • 113 dB Sensitivity
  • 64 Ω Nominal impedance
  • 8 – 25000 Hz Frequency response
  • 3′ – 9.8′ Cable length
  • 285 g Weight (without a wire)
  • High surrounding noise constriction
  • Accurate, direct sound generation
  • Soft earpads for a comfortable fit
  • Folding and turning earcups for space-sparing transport
  • Sturdy, single-sided coiled wire
  • Durable construction
  • Great sound quality
  • Dynamic Speaker Type
  • 32 dB Noise cancellation
  • 5 mm stereo little jack input connector

Pros & Cons

  • Convenient
  • Incredible sound quality at a moderate cost
  • Lightweight and comparatively portable
  • Quickly replaceable parts endorse the life span.
  • Closed-ear design for extreme noise isolation
  • Features broadened frequency response.
  • Bright, warmer and natural sound output
  • Long wire allows moving around
  • Bass is hard to hear.
  • A cord is heavy and non-replaceable
  • Not reasonable for use with cell phones
  • Not design for on-the-go tuning in
  • Earpads ineffectively remove additional warmth.
  • Can cause distress whenever utilized for long

Shure SRH 840 Professional Monitoring Headphones

Concerning professionalism and quality, Shure is the pioneer. If you are a drummer who rehearsed continuously in the studio, at that point, Shure SRH 840 is for you. It isn’t merely because of the quality sound yet besides its smooth and stylish looks. Shure SRH 840 is genuinely compact. It easily folded and stored in a convey case which along with headphones while purchasing.

Shure SRH 840 Professional Monitoring Headphones


  • 102 dB Sensitivity
  • 44 Ω Nominal impedance
  • 5 – 25000 Hz Frequency Response
  • 10′ Cable length
  • 317 g (0.7 pounds) Weight
  • Optimized for studio recording and critical tuning in
  • 40mm neodymium dynamics
  • Comfortable and strong

Pros & Cons

  • Professional headphones
  • Custom-fitted frequency response.
  • Rich bass, clear midrange, and broadened highs
  • Perfect for studio recording and grave listening
  • It comes with a detachable coiled wire.
  • Clear sound with decent warm mid-range
  • Good sound isolation
  • Collapsible construction makes it simple to move.
  • You get the second pair of earpads with the product.
  • Bulky
  • Some design peculiarities
  • Large
  • A bit expensive

Vic Firth Stereo Isolation Drummers Headphones

Vic Firth Stereo Headphones are famous for their large ear cushions and the prevalent comfort level for delayed use. Its exceptional design protects your ears from high sound levels, common in electronic drums. Its noise-isolating features help to lessen the encompassing noise, permitting you to concentrate on your work. By and large, it is the ideal pair for electronic drums, which has automatic self-adjusting ear cushions for a cozily fit.

Vic Firth Stereo Isolation Headphones



  • 110 dB Sensitivity
  • 250 Ω Nominal impedance
  • 20 – 20000 Hz Frequency response
  • 6′ Cable length
  • 391 g (13.8 ounces) Weight
  • 25 decibels noise reduces
  • High-quality stereo sound
  • m/m Dynamic Speaker Mylarcon
  • NFB 15 x 1.5 Four-hole style Magnet
  • 110 dB +/ – 3 dB Sound pressure level
  • 30m MW Rated input power
  • 100 MW Maximum input power
  • Permits musician to play recorded music or monitor different performers in a live session

Pros & Cons

  • Affordable
  • Good treble
  • The incredible low-end quality
  • Optimal comfort and toughness
  • 25dB noise reduction appropriate for live entertainers
  • Two various plugs included with the bundle.
  • Long 6 feet cord for your benefit
  • Broad froth pads for extreme comfort and delayed use
  • Amazing noise-isolating abilities
  • Beautiful design
  • High speaker volume
  • A bit bulky
  • Average in general strength
  • Slight humming at higher frequencies
  • Weak Bass

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why drummers wear headphones?

At the point when a drummer utilizes a click track, headphones are a need. As some other technique would mean, the crowd will hear the breaks. Drumming headphones are likewise protecting listening, weakening in any event 20db of sound. So, drummers wear these headphones to bring down the drum noises to a lot more secure level.

Do noise-canceling headsets work for drums?

Indeed, they do, even though on the off chance that you utilize dynamic noise-canceling headphones and block all the noise, how might you hear your drums?

Would you be able to utilize headphones with electronic drums?

Alesis DRP100 Electronic Drumming Headphones

With 32 decibels in noise decrease, you won’t hear a thing when hitting your cushion with the headphones connected. High noise reduction permits you to utilize them with acoustic drum sets as well (when playing in a band setting and so forth.).

Why drummers fold their arms?

Drumming is the same. Most drummers were and still are, at first, educated to cross their hands to give the more significant side the lead in the playing of strokes and their drum set movement. Generous playing is the answer to the absence of the ability to use both hands that regularly impedes drummers.

Why do drummers play behind glass?

A drum screen, in some cases, referred to as a drum shield or acoustic shield. It is a device utilized by sound engineers to maintain a strategic distance from the sound control issues. It caused when more robust instruments overpower noiseless instruments and vocals in front of an audience.

Are electronic drums loud?

Electronic drum cushions are calmer, yet it relies upon the pack you’re playing. These can be acoustically louder when played, and the playing feel for the drummer isn’t extraordinary either. Regardless of what the kit, trampling a kick drum and hi-hat pedals causes vibration through the floor.

Can you play drum harm hearing?

Shockingly, the appropriate response isn’t precisely as evident as you would suspect. All in all, can drums cause hearing loss? Indeed. A drummer playing could cause a hearing loss on the off chance that you presented to the sound for any unusual amount of time at relative closeness without wearing any hearing pro.

What do drummers hear in their earpiece?

A beat tracks a metronome pulse, conceivably with a similar signal being heard by a different musician, keeping them in time. A monitor tracks, they’re listening to a blend of the music which custom fitted to the drummer, it’ll likely have a great deal of the bass sounds and vocals.

Wrap Up

In the long run, which headphones to pick entirely relies upon your own decision and sort of use. With regards to finding the correct headphones, we as a whole have our preferences. That implies a specific brand of headphones that do ponders for one drummer probably won’t be ideal for the other or vice versa.

In this way, you need to ask yourself what you need. If you need something reasonable as low as $50, you can try the VIC Firth isolation headphones. Likewise, you need something that is high-caliber and gives a full capacity; at that point, it’s ideal for investing in the Sennheiser HD 280 Pro.

It is merely because this sort of headphone gives a stunning noise cancellation system, long, energetic cords, comfortable fit, and splendid level output. Generally speaking, it relies upon what you prioritize. It may be a smart thought to do some search and look at the reviews before picking potential headphones or ear monitors.


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