Best Beginner Friendly Blockchain Games In 2022

Best Beginner Friendly Blockchain Games In 2022

Blockchain gaming is one of the most exciting sectors in the blockchain. It offers players the chance to own assets, earn rewards and enjoy a new kind of gaming experience. New blockchain-based games are popping up all the time. So which ones are best suited for beginners?

Unchained Gods

Unchained Gods is the best game to introduce you to the world of blockchain games. It is a game based on a story by the ancient Greeks and Romans. The story revolves around 12 ancient gods whose souls are spread across the world, and you will play as a human hero who will help these gods in their quest for power.

Wagon of Attack

The wagon of attack is one of the best blockchain games if you are looking forward to getting rewards from it. You can build your wagons and participate in raids, attacks, and battles against other players. You can also purchase new wagons and upgrade them with better equipment. The more you move forward in the game, the better upgrades you get.


Splinterlands is a trading card game that was one of the first blockchain games ever created in 2020. This is one of the most well-known blockchain games out there. The game uses cards with certain stats to battle other players. It is currently one of the most popular blockchain games in which players trade cards on a decentralized marketplace while they battle with each other. Players can also earn money by playing tournaments, buying cards, or trading with other players.

Chain clash

Chain clash is a strategy game with a board state similar to chess, where each player takes turns to place tokens on different fields of play to occupy their opponent’s base before they do so themselves. The game has an interesting mix of PvP and PvE, where players can choose to fight against each other or AI to gain experience points and rewards. One can also test their skills against others without risking any money or assets by joining the practice server for Chain Clash.

Crypto Kitties

This game has been a major hit since its launch in 2017. This game is an Ethereum ERC-721 token-based game that allows users to breed crypto kitties. Apart from breeding these creatures, they can trade or sell them in an open marketplace. The players can also create new Crypto Kitties using different combinations of genes and sell them on the marketplace.

This game has been received with much enthusiasm because it is a decentralized platform, and players don’t need any third-party app or website to participate in it. They need to own Ethereum wallets and smart contracts for buying/selling and breeding kitties. It is done using the Ethereum network directly from within the game itself.

Atlas of the stars

Atlas of the stars is a decentralized space simulation game that lets the players explore different planets and galaxies. The game is set up in a crypto-friendly ecosystem where players can trade their assets and items for cryptocurrency or other cryptos such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc. The game developers are very interested in making a smart contract that will credit players for discovering new planets and will allow them to name them too.