Beginner tips to get better at air battles in War Thunder

In terms of realistic war games, War Thunder has long been on the cutting edge. In the vehicle-based game, you get to control a military ship, aircraft, or armoured vehicle from World War II to the present. There are over 2000 vehicles to choose from across nine nations and three categories (Land, Sea and Air).

The greatest way to play War Thunder is to be patient. Patience is sometimes required when levelling up, but it is also required when waiting for your attacker to approach you. The game requires a lot of grinding, but with little perseverance and advance preparation, you may lessen the grind to some extent. While I am unable to assist you with patience, I can assist you with planning. However, there is a little learning curve due to the emphasis on realism.

Finding a place to start might be intimidating, you can check to find more useful tips and tricks that work for beginners.

Some War Thunder tips and tricks picked up from expert players are all listed below for your convenience.

There is a lot to process

When playing War Thunder for the first time, there is a lot to learn. Given that, going slowly is not a bad idea. Take a look at the menus, conduct some research, and get a sense of how everything is organised.

It is wise to keep in mind that you probably won’t be an MVP early on once you’ve seen what you’re working with. However, don’t let that discourage you because there is still plenty of time to learn and each game should provide you with fresh information.

Try out the tutorials

The tutorials in War Thunder may be tempting to skip because the mechanics seem so clear to you, yet you can learn things that are important.

The game is far more complex than it initially appears. Although it is tempting to charge into battle and try to point-and-shoot, you might not be satisfied with the outcome. The War Thunder tutorials are really helpful and, surprisingly, also quite enjoyable. Therefore, do not ignore them.

Review your ratings

Battle Ratings are a useful tool to monitor. They provide information about a vehicle’s all-around combativeness. Depending on the other vehicles in a match and the type of match you are playing, a vehicle’s rating may also fluctuate (realistic vs. arcade).

When you initially begin, your Battle Ratings will probably be quite low, and that’s just acceptable. Keep a close eye on the vehicles you intend to research and the Battle Ratings that are associated with them as you move along, though.

Know your enemies

It is critical that you comprehend your adversary whether you are roaring through the air in a fighter jet or stalking the battlefields in a tank. Examine all of the tanks, planes, and upgrades to get a sense of which vehicles are best for you and which ones are worse.

For example, things can rapidly become hectic during tank battles, especially for War Thunder beginners. Avoid crushing the enemy.  You might want to ram another tank when you are facing it. Don’t!  Because when you ram an enemy tank, you frequently die.

Know your team well

War Thunder’s crews play a key role. Without a crew, a vehicle will not operate. Fortunately, there are two crews available for each nation. The same currency can be used to upgrade and train current crews as well as purchase additional crews for Silver Lions.

Each member of the crew has a specific role to play and a unique set of abilities. Whether it comes from how far away you can see an attacker, how quickly you can fix your vehicle or even just how quickly your vehicle performs its crucial functions. Your vehicle will perform better overall if the crew is better.

Know your ammo

War Thunder places a strong emphasis on realism, and just as in real life, most military vehicles have access to a variety of ammo types.

Each of these kinds of ammunition has a specific purpose and is best at a particular task. Get familiar with the strengths and weaknesses of each ammo type for the vehicle you wish to play as by looking at them all around. Armor explosives are excellent for eliminating an enemy crew if you target for the weak points, but piercing bullets have a higher chance of blasting a substantial hole in an enemy vehicle.

Earn XP points

Depending on how well you perform in a match, you’ll earn experience, some of which come in the form of Research Points. You can use those Research Points to learn more about brand-new vehicles or upgrades for your present ones.