Athleisure for 21st-Century Basic Streetwear

Athleisure for 21st-Century Basic Streetwear

With basic streetwear constantly evolving, sportswear and athleisure have gradually turned into a fashion staple and a reflection of contemporary lifestyles. Though streetwear has many other subgenres, athleisure became one of the most favored categories among many young men and women.

Many companies that specialize in athletic wear have even expanded their collections to cater to a wider demographic. Today, you can find fashionable athletic wear in almost every shop window.

With basic streetwear now a rising trend, athleisure proves to be a practical yet minimalistic type of fashion category. It prioritizes comfort and performance more than anything else. Whether you’re in the gym or partying in the club, athletic wear allows physical movements without any restrictions.

Athleisure in Streetwear

The earliest forms of basic streetwear were heavily influenced by contemporary culture back in the 90s. Streetwear was a culmination of different subcultures in both music and sports with skateboarding and 90s hip-hop being two of the biggest influences.

Although streetwear is constantly changing, it continues to be a fashion staple, especially in 21st-century pop culture. Though athleisure has only become a popular streetwear subgenre within the recent decade, it remains true to its basic roots in sports culture.

Because of the increasing demand for basic streetwear and athleisure, fashion and retail companies have diversified products with modern designs that can keep up with today’s standards. High-performance textiles are also continuously being developed to keep up with consumer demands.

In this article, we’re going to briefly talk about the different types of athletic clothes that you can wear for both fashion and comfort. We’re also going to give some tips on how you can coordinate them with other pieces in your wardrobe.

Athletic Tops

Many different kinds of athletic tops are available in the market today. With basic streetwear continuously leaning towards sportswear and apparel, finding the right top that can fit your aesthetic is now easier than in the past.

For women, athletic halter tops and sports bras are some of the most popular choices for almost any type of activity. They are typically worn underneath a type of athletic outerwear such as a windbreaker or bomber jacket.

Men, on the other hand, can wear tops that are usually made of Dri-fit material. They also have the option of styling their basic streetwear outfit with fashionable sports jerseys. It’s always important to note, however, that finding the right fit is necessary to avoid looking shabby in athleisure clothing.

Bottoms and Footwear

When it comes to choosing the right type of footwear, you must also consider what you’re wearing below the waist. Running shoes are known to have replaced high-heels in terms of women’s first choice of footwear so it’s essential to find a pair that can accommodate your everyday routine.

Finding the right pair of running shoes that can match your track pants or shorts requires color coordination. A practical way to choose footwear is to find a pair that matches the majority of what you have in your wardrobe.

The basic streetwear aesthetic also includes other types of footwear such as tennis, basketball, and skateboarding sneakers. Picking the right shoe structure that suits the silhouette of your overall outfit is always necessary when it comes to style and fashion.