The Importance of Anti Money Laundering Verification in Crypto Exchanges

AML compliance solutions are attaining recognition in all areas of the world. Regrettably, the money laundering ventures on a broader scale have significantly enhanced, therefore, there is a desire for a solution that can assist various sectors of the world in reducing crime. As stated by the reports from UNODC, 2% to 5% of the global gross domestic product is utilized in money laundering and terrorist financing activities. The amount is rising each day. Without any precautionary measures, companies have to experience failures like they are receiving immediately.

Many nations are focusing on cryptos to digitize businesses in the future. France has lately implemented AML verification laws for destroying the anonymity of crypto payments. This will assist in executing virtual currency payments in the future. Consequently, fraudsters target cryptocurrencies for the majority of terrorist financing and malicious intents. As stated by the MIT Technology Review, imposters laundered USD 2.8 billion through crypto business in 2019. Due to a similar reason, the financial action task force has also performed strict regulations to fight money laundering. An anti-money laundering verification program is, consequently, mandatory for all crypto markets.

What is the anti-money laundering program?

The procedure of continuous monitoring of clients is anti-money laundering compliance. It’s objective is to recognize and reduce monetary attacks such as terrorist funding. On-going monitoring is conducted against global sanctions, politically exposed people, and watchlists. Strict stages of anti-money laundering are performed by international regulatory bodies.

The 2021 Update for Anti Money Laundering Compliance in Cryptocurrencies

The present year brought many problems and technological change was the main change and challenge for several sectors. Due to technological change, digital currencies have become a viable choice for payments. Cryptocurrencies are not limited to exchanges only. Several nations of the world are examining them for everyday activities as well. According to an analysis from UOT Sydney, the crypto exchange estimates for $76 billion of illicit activities each year.

The 5AMLD was done at the starting of 2020, 6AMLD directive is all set to raise difficulties for crypto exchange. In the subsequent year, all virtual money exchanges will be accompanying the sixth anti-money laundering directive for sure. Let’s take a closer look at both the directives and how the 6AMLD is further challenging for crypto markets.

Anti Money Laundering directive for Crypto Market

The 5AMLD came into action in January 2020. As stated by this directive, all crypto businesses are required to follow your customer and anti-money laundering and customer due diligence is obligatory. Therefore, the threshold for the IDV checks on prepaid cards and online payments was decreased to  €150 from 250 pounds and 50 pounds for domestic orders.

Luckily, fraudsters’ activities significantly developed during the COVID-19 and now, all regions in the EU have to follow the AML verification. As stated by the 6AMLD, there are 22 crimes associated with charge crimes, malicious attacks, environmental negligence, and self-laundering. Violating any of the legislation might result in heavy penalties. Consequently, in the fifth anti-money laundering directive, the fines have been raised which means crypto businesses are now at more hazard than they were before. Furthermore, sanctions have risen to 5 million euros. As per the 6th Directive, regulatory officials can also drive exemplary penalties.

Article 7 of the latest directive also emphasizes RegTech industries working on corporate accountability and credentials. The article has defined and established laws that legitimate individuals should be liable for lack of guidance and direction for any fraudulent activities by a guide. Due to the related analysis, high-security digital IDV methods are so vital.

Financial Action Task Force Recommendations

The FATF has specific laws for safe and efficient operation in the crypto sector. Cryptocurrencies are inclined to monetary crimes due to their unknown characteristics, so the Financial Action Task Force has specific regulations for the crypto markets. Incapacity to comply with these laws occurs in heavy fines. Listed below are some of the reasons for cryptocurrencies that might intrigue you:

  • All digital asset service providers must acquire a CDD method to serve them in evaluating Anti Money Laundering and Combatting Financing of Terrorism risks.
  • Continuous due diligence for evaluating opportunities is essential for examining activities.


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