Electric Fences

All You Need to Know About Electric Fences

Electric fences help you safeguard your home against many external components and help you get a peaceful sleep. It also aids in keeping your valuable belongings and livestock safe and away from the hands of strangers and predators. Meanwhile, you can choose to procure your fencing from an electric fence shop directly as they give you personalised rates and help you choose the best kind of fence.

Here are a few benefits of installing an electric fence around your property:

  • Easy to Maintain

Electric fences take relatively minimal upkeep to be effective. And unlike barbed wire fences, which may rust and become brittle over time, most electric fence wire is composed of galvanised aluminium or zinc, which has a considerably longer lifespan than ordinary fence wire. But that doesn’t imply you don’t have to do anything to keep your fence in good condition. So, to avoid a shortage, make sure that no vegetation grows on it and keep the charger clean and dry at all times.

  • Mobile

Grazing cattle need constant access to fresh, green grass. On the other hand, one of the most notable advantages of an electric fence is its mobility and pasture rotation. So, when a field is ready for rest time, you may quickly alter the wire arrangement. And if this is your first time installing an electric fence system, plan your layout and install posts ready to change the arrangement.

  • Prevents Animals From Getting Hurt

Electric fences train animals better than barbed wire fences, as they give a mild electric shock to your animals when they lean towards them, teaching them to keep away. You can teach even the strongest creatures such that they won’t be shocked. Contrarily, barbed wire fences have a limited ability to deter thick-skinned animals like oxen. So, to deter even the most tenacious animals, electric fences may be amplified with more powerful shocks.

  • Beneficial for Livestock

A barbed-wire fence protecting your animals is a contradiction in terms. This is because they can cause serious injury to cattle if they get caught in them. Sheep are particularly vulnerable because their wool may become tangled very rapidly, and they can suffer lacerations, abrasions, and sometimes death as they fight to escape. Besides, especially without the psychological conditioning that comes with electric fences, horses have been known to run at the boundaries of their enclosures.

  • Quicker and Cheaper to Install

Electric fences have the advantage of requiring fewer parts than other types of fencing. Barbed wire, on the other hand, is often a lot heavier than electrical wiring, and to ensure stability, more posts must be buried deeper in the earth. Meanwhile, only t-posts and Inverse Insulators are required in the installation of electric fences. Barbed wire is also more difficult and dangerous to move than other materials due to its heavyweight.

Cost of Installing an Electric Fence

The energiser and the tape make up an electric fence, and the former is used to generate electricity. However, mains power energisers are more expensive, while they are more suitable for more extensive properties and require less maintenance or repair than battery energisers. On the other hand, costing more than batteries, solar energisers are less expensive in the long run if they are correctly put in a region with a lot of direct sun exposure. Also, since the solar power supply must be matched with the energiser to deliver constant electricity, fence providers recommend purchasing solar electric fencing as a package from the manufacturer.

You can purchase an electric fence tape from an electric fence shop for a reasonable price. 5 cm thick tape, for example, costs around 80 cents per metre. A metre costs around $1.00 with fittings, not counting the energiser. So, instead of improvising with less expensive fittings, it’s preferable to use fittings designed by the manufacturer.

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