Airsoft Night Games 

Airsoft is a popular pastime and attracts thousands of enthusiasts across the globe. Several people prefer playing this game during the day. However, nighttime Airsoft appeals to more enthusiasts.

If you plan to engage Airsoft under the cover of darkness, you’ll need night vision for airsoft. You’ll also want to go along with special night vision binoculars to increase your visibility.

Main Rules of Airsoft

No climbing of walls and other man-made structures

During Airsoft, there should be no climbing of banisters, windows, scaffolding or any other structure. Climbing such structures during an Airsoft match could lead to serious injury or worse.

No shooting at equipment

Lights, cameras, fire safety gear, and other equipment should not be caught in your crossfire. Signs and other directional aids should never be shot at for any reason too.

Safe pointing of weapons

Pointing your weapons properly at all times is essential to you and your teammates’ safety during an Airsoft match. Your weapons should be pointed at an inclined angle downward. Don’t point the weapon directly at your feet. You don’t want sore toes from an accidental discharge.

Shooting safely

Never aim for an opponent’s head during an Airsoft match. Some Airsoft rifles fire projectiles in excess of 500fps. Such speeds could result in serious head trauma and should be avoided at all costs.

No physical combat or verbal assault

Physical fights and verbal insults are not allowed in an Airsoft match. Flared tempers could result in “below-the-belt” practices, so to speak.

Constant use of eye protection

Eye protective gear must be worn at all times during an Airsoft match, plain and simple.

Respect for surrender

If an opponent surrenders and is within 10feet of you, there’s no need to shoot. However, ensure your opponent is unarmed or has run out of ammo to avoid a surprise attack.

De-chambering your magazine

Whenever there’s no Airsoft match, ensure you de-chamber your magazine immediately. Preventing accidental fire is important to keep you, your opponents, referees, and everyone else safe.

Rules of Airsoft Night Games

All main rules of Airsoft remain valid, even at night. However, there are some special rules for nighttime Airsoft players must obey. These rules ensure players are safe under the cover of night:

Constant use of lighting around the game area is necessary

Proper lighting is a must in several ‘green’ areas. Such lighting makes it easy for players to spot familiar surroundings (for outdoor Airsoft).

All players must account for their teammates at the end of each game

Whenever a night Airsoft game ends, all participants must account for their team members. Leaving team members behind in the dark is not advisable and may endanger some participants.

Injured teammates should receive immediate medical attention

Nighttime Airsoft increases the chances of injury among players. If any injury occurs among team members, medical aid should be provided immediately. Preferably, the game theater should be sited close to a medical facility for quick response if an accident takes place.

Referees reserve the right to sanction players for excessive use of force

All referees can remove players from the game if they are found to use too much force in-game. Excessive force could be tempting in Airsoft, particularly at night. However, such an event could cause injuries.

Theater should not be in unfamiliar environments

All Airsoft game theaters sited outdoors must be in familiar surroundings. Night Airsoft stunts visibility and shouldn’t be sited in uncharted territory. Some team members could lose their bearing and suffer serious injuries in such areas.

Radio communication is mandatory for team members

Team members should use radios or another form of communication to remain in constant contact. The poor visibility of night Airsoft requires uninterrupted contact among team members to ensure safety. With improved communication, the chances of team members losing their way become pretty slim.

Difference between Airsoft Night Games and Ordinary Games

  Airsoft Night Games Ordinary Games
1 Requires night vision and thermal imaging equipment in some environments No night vision equipment needed
2 Two flashlights (blue and white) are necessary Doesn’t require flashlights
3 Indoor sighting is recommended No recommendations on theater siting


Selecting quality night vision binoculars is critical to a fun-filled under darkness. Whenever there’s a game under a moonless sky, don’t go without your special night vision for airsoft. Other essential gears you need are head, face, and chest protection.

Airsoft at night could be dangerous and challenging in some situations. However, with proper planning and use of correct devices, it’s easy to host a nighttime Airsoft game without issues.

Safety is crucial whenever you hold a nighttime Airsoft game in an uncharted environment. When the game ends, ensure everyone is fine before heading out to civil spaces. Leaving a man behind could be fatal, especially if any of your Airsoft mates don’t have all the right equipment.


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