How Digital Age Verification Helps Businesses to Improve their Brand Image?

With the evolution in technology, many things change gradually. The way of education, shopping, entertainment and many more. No doubt, fast-changing technology facilitates us in different ways. With the help of technology, today we can do work of days in hours and still, it is benefiting us by giving different facilities. With innovations, people are shifting towards online means. They like to buy online products, make online transactions, and many more. On the other hand, with the increase in online users, online frauds are also rising and fraudsters try to find smart ways to commit online theft.

According to a source, the US lost $56 billion in identity theft in 2020. To overcome this problem, online identity verification solutions that include address verification, face recognition, and age verification can solve the problem. Let’s discuss the age verification solution in detail.

Digital Age Verification

It is the act to verify the age of the users to check whether they fall within the age limit or not. Many firms do not understand the significance of age verification solutions and don’t fulfill the requirements of the regulators. As a result, their brand image is spoiled and they also have to pay fines imposed by regulatory authorities. Online age verification helps businesses to make their products age-restricted and provide their services only to those who fall within the age limit. To check whether the person is age verified or not, businesses just upload the ID document of the user. The AI-powered system checks the required information of the user by matching his provided documents and saves the result. Today’s online businesses direly need the age verification solution to avoid the misuse of their products.

Why Do Businesses Need Age Verification Solution?

As we know that the use of mobile phones is increasing day by day and everyone has internet access. From a layman to a little kid, everyone wants to use a mobile phone. Therefore the online users are also increased. It has been observed that minors access to explicit content or a harmful website that is not good for them just by checking the age check box. Similarly, it has been noticed that while using mobile phones, they order many things from their Parent’s phones unintentionally. In this way, the integrity of their service is challenged and they have to pay fines for it.

Non-Compliance of Businesses Spoils Brand Image

It is the responsibility of all online businesses to keep a robust age check on their websites to verify age before giving access to their services. Especially the businesses of alcohol selling, Online gaming and gambling websites, Online lottery, pharmaceuticals, and online dating websites should comply with age verification regulations to avoid misuse of their services. If these businesses do not comply with age regulations, it not only affects the brand reputation but also harms others. For example, 5000 people died by taking excessive alcohol of fewer than 21 years of age. It is the statistics of one such business that should need age regulation compliance. If we discuss other such businesses then we come to know that the online businesses have to pay huge amounts of fines every year for not fulfilling the regulatory requirements.

Age Verification Regulations
Every country has its own regulatory standards to follow. Let’s discuss the age regulations of the USA and UK.

Age Regulations of USA

In the USA, the COPPA act is followed by all online firms that are made for children below 13 years of age. This law was made in 2014 by FTA to perform knowledge-based authentication in which some difficult questions are asked to the user that is not easy to answer for minors.

Age Regulations of UK

In the UK, online firms have to follow the rules made by the digital economic act to prevent minors from age-restricted products. This act forced businesses to conduct age verification. The UK’s regulator British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) is responsible for regulatory compliance.

Digital age verification solution helps businesses in KYCC (know your customer’s customer) to make their age-restricted goods at bay from minors. It also helps parents to keep their children away from explicit content or harmful websites that are not good for their physical and mental health. The AI-enabled age verification solution verifies the age of end-users in real-time before giving access to their services. In this way, the age-restricted products remain away from underage children.


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