Education is crucial for surviving. Keeping under eye the importance of academic education, we decided to provide exceptional financial aid to the deserving students. A scholarship is more than a support to a student’s academic matter. It boosts the level of motivation among students. Students promptly respond to every scholarship program.

Aeiou Tech Scholarship Opportunity


Terms of Participation

Aeiou Tech is offering a $1,000 scholarship to help students who are good in their studies . If you or you loved in struggling to pay the fee and are good in studies. Then we want to hear from you.

If interested, please tell us your story. In 500-1,000 words. The topic is “Positive aspects of music on education

Eligibility Criteria

This scholarship will be awarded to US citizens who are enrolled in high school etc.

Please send your 500-1000 words essay as a Word document to scholarship[@]aeioutech[dot]com. You must include the following with your submission:

  • Full Name, Email Address.
  • The name of the high school etc you are currently attending
  • Proof of 80 % attendance.
  • Your current area of study.

All submissions must be made via email.

Application Deadline

The deadline for entry is November  1st, 2020, 11:59 PST and a winner will be selected by December 15th, 2020.

Importance of Music in studies

Every individual feels excitement while listening to music, singing, or playing some musical instruments. Instead of personal life, music plays an essential role in student life too. After knowing the importance of music in studies, many schools started music education programs in their schools. Unfortunately, some of the schools in the world still missing this essential music education necessary for their students. Below are some of the points which prove how much music is crucial for a student.

  • Assist in developing language and reasoning
  • Mastery in long run memory
  • Develop a sense of creativity
  • Promote teamwork in students
  • among students
  • Enhance a sense of achievement
  • Encourage students for success
  • Boost morale od students
  • Teach an exceptional level of cooperation among students
  • Teach discipline
  • It can be a source of relaxation
  • Helps in better dealing with academic stress

How does music help in the study?

Music proved to be a great need in student life. It feeds a human soul in a better way. Student and academic education are two essential streams that are worth respecting. Music helps in learning new concepts for a student. No matter either you are a high school student or a primary school student, the thing you need for being successful is music. It helps in supporting the level of understanding in studies. For every problematic situation in student life, music assists in softly tackling the circumstances. So, music is like blood in the vessels of a student.

Future of Students

An investment in a student’s academic education would be an excellent investment type. Students are the future of the entire world. That is why they must be given every kind of assistance they require. Music is the best education and must be introduced as a subject in every school. The schools which recognize its importance in studies adopted music as a subject. Music ingrained love and creativity in students. It enhances their level of confidence and motivation, which greatly productively affects their education. Student’s learning ability gets polished with the involvement of music and output comes in the form of excellent performance in an academic year.

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