A Guide to Photo Arrangements and Home Decor

A Guide to Photo Arrangements and Home Decor

Setting up a new house can be a daunting task. Especially while considering the intricacies that interior design involves. As humans, we love capturing every joyful moment in pictures and displaying them is crucial. With many photo frames to choose from, picking the right one can be confusing. Many choose to buy picture frames online, but what should one keep in mind while purchasing one?

Read on to understand which frames suit your room and theme better, how to pick the right photo frames and how they can spice up home decor.


The material of the photo frame decides the type of finish and look that the photo arrangement has.


One of the most common materials is wood since it is easily sculptable and has a rich finish. It perfectly fits into every theme but best suits a dark and warm-toned room with a classic engineered or solid wood flooring.


White and Black photo frames accentuate rooms that are monotone-themed. While experimenting with other colours, it is better to stick with a similar colour theme, opting for lighter or darker shades. For example, a dark blue frame for a light blue background. With laminates, one can experiment with a range of colours. They are relatively easy to clean as well.


Metallic frames accentuate light-toned rooms best. However, while working with metallic photo frames, one should display darker pictures for better contrast. Ensure that you opt for rust-resistant frames for the best results.


Crystal frames add a touch of elegance to every photo. However, they work well with dark pictures against a dark background or light images against a light background. There is less space to experiment with them, but the finish is worth it. The only downside is their fragility.


Ceramic frames are dainty and have a glossy finish. They are perfect for light-themed rooms, especially those with white shades.

They typically have delicate designs and are best when standing alone rather than in an arrangement. Check out more ideas like nautical blue paint colors.


Square and Rectangle

Square frames have sharp edges and display larger areas of the image.

They are perfect for square or rectangle rooms and work best in arrangements.

For arrangements, remember to use different sizes of square and rectangle frames for a complete look.


Decorative photo frames have delicate and elaborate designs and are better when standing alone. They are available in a range of materials and draw more attention to the displayed image.

These frames are perfect for central room displays. For example, over a fireplace, or in between symmetrical flower arrangements.


Transparent glass frames have been all the rage. They have the illusion of floating images and work best in light-themed rooms. They work the best standing alone or in a square arrangement.


Collage frames are perfect for those who struggle with designing an arrangement. Ensure that you check the sizes of each frame (information typically available when you buy picture frames online) and choose photos accordingly.

Poster Frames

These photo frames are longer than the typical photo frames and work best in minimalist rooms. They work on drawing more attention to the displayed piece than to the photo frame itself.

Circular or Oval

Circular frames are more often ornate than not. They are best featured on tabletops but can also be mounted singularly.

Display Styles


Mounting is the typical display style for many. One can experiment the most with this style – from arrangements to ornate or floating frames.


Fireplaces and tables look barren without photos. Having a singular square or ornate circular frame can accentuate the look.


Minimalistic rooms with wooden flooring make the perfect atmosphere for a floor display. This style is less common and is the best bedside decor.

Author: Alison Lurie


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