8 Effective Herbal Remedies for Kids Health

Parents want their kids to grow in a natural environment. A recent survey shows that the number of kids has increased over the last few years. Parents’ concern over their kids’ health has also raised eyebrows as they want the best environment for them. We can see how much heart health issues have been increased in kids.

Pediatricians and other primary care clinicians advise the parents to feed their kids natural nutrient-rich foods such as veggies and fruits, etc.

Some medication has side effects, but parents need a more reliable way. They prefer herbal remedies to treat the conditions of the kids like sore throat, temperature, etc.

Many herbs have been used for centuries, but all you need is to learn how and what herb you should use for your children. You can find natural herbs from your health food stores.

In this article, we will reveal what herb remedies treat the kids and restore their health.

  • Treat Upset Stomach With Herbs 

Researchers have proved the fact that Garlic is the best spicy herb that improves stomach function.

You can use garlic to trigger the flow of saliva and gastric secretions. If your kid is suffering from intestinal muscle tone, you should add garlic in making their food as it will suppress gastric contraction.

Garlic has been proven as a natural herb to treat nausea and discomfort conditions. When I visited a child heart specialist in Karachi, she shared that garlic prevents cell damage and maintains the cholesterol level that leads to improving heart health.

Peppermint is also one of the best solutions to reduce stomachaches. People also use peppermint supplements that help them to relieve abdominal pain.

  • Ginger Tea for Fever 

Ginger tea is an antimicrobial source that helps to reduce low-grade fever. You can make ginger tea for your child, and it will improve your health plus make your kid active.

Research says that rhinovirus is responsible for colds, but ginger kills this virus and helps to reduce body pain and fever.

  • Use Anti-inflammatory Herbs for Bruises 

Arnica cream has been proven as an anti-inflammatory product. This kind of cream or gel comes from the arnica flower. If there are bruises or inflammation on your kids’ skin, apply this cream or gel.

Arnica flower has antimicrobial effects and reduces swelling as well. You can give it to your loved ones if they are suffering from postoperative swelling and relieve osteoarthritis.

  • Treat Natural Allergies 

Some kids are allergic to natural pollen. Child specialists often suggest eating the honey made by local bees as it has more healing powers. Parents should use wild honey to treat serious gastrointestinal conditions (rich in Clostridium botulinum spore). It is also effective to kill the toxins caused by spores’ bacteria.

  • Break up Phlegm with Hot Chicken Soup 

Chicken soup reduces inflammation and swelling plus breaks up the phlegm. Parents should not feed the kids with low-sodium chicken broth. Hot and fresh-made chicken soup deals with the cold and allows your child to recover fast.

  • No More Rashes 

Some children have nervousness issues that result in rashes. Bathing your child with warm water plus 1 cup of Epsom salt reduces the rashes. You can also make a paste to apply to the affected area using baking soda with two teaspoons and water. Apply the paste and remove it after a while. Parents must use petroleum jelly to keep kids’ skin moisturized.

  • Heal Mild Burns 

Aloe Vera has unlimited benefits that let your skin soothe. Applying the aloe Vera heals the mild burn and reduces the itchiness. People also use the bark of a hazel tree. You can use bark as a protective effect against skin burns.

  • Strengthen Your Immune System 

Yogurt is the best source to restore your intestinal health. Diarrhea flushes out all the beneficial bacteria from your body that result in weakness and a weak immune system. If your child suffers from diarrhea, give yogurt or yogurt drinks as it will replenish good bacteria.

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Once I visited a Chiniot general hospital where a child had an appointment who caught a cold. The doctor suggested to his parents that they should feed him chicken soup and did not recommend any medicine. Parents should always prefer herb remedies as it has no side effects.


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