5 Tips for Writing Essays for Standardized Tests

Most standardized tests for high schools and colleges have an essay writing part, and students are expected to pick a topic and write an essay about it. Standardized tests don’t have to be difficult but are often perceived that way by the students. It’s therefore essential that you know how to prepare yourself for writing standardized essay tests.

Being a good writer has a lot to do with practice knowing how to write your essays. It becomes harder to pass a standardized writing essay if you don’t know the right things to do and practice.

This article discusses some tips for students to write a standardized essay and the format and structure of this test.

Tips to successfully write a standardized essay test 

  • Read the prompt carefully and understand it

When writing a standardized essay test, the first thing to do is to read the prompt you’re given carefully. According to a top essay writing service, you must understand the prompt well enough. Otherwise, you wouldn’t know what you’re expected to do. Furthermore, you only know how to go about your essay when you know what they want you to write. So, it may be helpful for you to dissect and divide the prompts into different parts for ease of understanding.

  • Plan and research

Once you know what they expect you to do, the next thing is to brainstorm ideas and organize them properly. According to authors at top essay writing service, research is an integral part of an essay. So you must do your research extensively to gather excellent points for your essay. The essay becomes easier when you gather strong points from your research and organize them properly. You may want to cite sources while writing your essay. Note that you must not plagiarize their content. Use paraphrases and quotes instead.

  • Write a draft

If you’ve been writing essays before, you should already know that you need a first draft before writing the main paper. Your first draft brings out your point, but it’s usually a foundation for a better essay. So you may not submit or use your first draft. However, it’s useful. It allows you to write out all your ideas before picking the best ones and polishing them better in your final draft.

  • Write a strong thesis.

You can’t have a good essay with a strong thesis. Your thesis is the main point of your essay and the focal point around which you build your article and all its points. This is one of the essential things in essay writing. So, you must make sure that your thesis is a strong point as it may determine how good or bad your essay is.

  • Respond to the prompt

The point of writing a standardized essay test, as stated on the bestdissertation.com website, is to respond to the essay prompt. Whatever you’re writing in your essay, your thesis, points, ideas, and arguments must respond to the prompt. After making out your points in your first draft, and you’re sure of the direction the essay is heading, then you can start writing your final draft in a way that responds to the essay prompt.


Structure of a standardized essay 

A standardized test has five paragraphs: the introductory paragraph, three body paragraphs, and the concluding paragraph.


Introductory paragraph 

This is the first paragraph of the essay. It introduces the topic and gives the direction for the essay. This paragraph is meant to grab the interest and attention of the readers and set the tone for the rest of the essay.


Body paragraphs 

These paragraphs are the following three paragraphs of the essay, making up the essay’s body. Each of these paragraphs stands for a point in the paper, and they provide details within the essay such as facts, examples, statistics, and quotes. Thus, the three paragraphs make up three points to support your essay thesis.


According to rushessay.com, here’s how to write the body paragraphs:

  • Write the first sentence to summarize the whole point.
  • Explain why your topic sentence is confirmed with a valid argument.
  • Show evidence (statistics, facts, examples) to back your opinion.


Concluding paragraph

This is the last paragraph of the essay, and it summarizes everything that the paper discussed. The conclusion must restate the essay thesis, connecting it with the body paragraphs. The final sentence has to uphold the thesis statement compellingly and clearly without adding new information.



Standardized essay tests are not as complex as many make them out to be. You only need to know what to do and how to go about it. With the information and tips in this article, you’ll easily find your way around it.




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