5 Things You Can Do to Curb the Munchies

5 Things You Can Do to Curb the Munchies


If you regularly tend to smoke marijuana, then you may be aware of the fact that doing so can really give you the munchies.

Hey—most people get hungry after a great smoke session!

It’s normal, and it happens to the best of us.

And if you’re like most people, you probably often indulge in these cravings—and this can lead to eating a little bit too much junk food.

Veriheal describes this perfectly:

“One of the most notable and inevitable side effects of consuming cannabis is the munchies. The munchies don’t come gradually but in a swift and sudden barrage of intense hunger pangs that must be indulged in that very instant. The cravings can hit so hard that we often find ourselves shamelessly shoveling the most unhealthy concoctions down our gullets.”

Well, junk food is a lot of fun to eat.

It tastes good, and it really hits the spot to stop those munchies.

However, over time, it can take its toll on your health.

And for this reason, you may be tempted to try to curb those ‘munchy habits’ in order to help you achieve your overarching health and fitness goals.

So in this post, we’re going to share five things that you can do to help curb your munchies today.

It may not be easy to do—but it’s definitely possible!

Let’s dive into it.

1. Count Calories

This is obviously a little bit difficult to do after smoking sometimes, so you may need to do it ahead of time.

But counting calories is a great way to help you regulate what goes into your body.

You could even make yourself a munchie box packed with just enough snacks to reach your calorie limit, and nothing more.

As long as you can abstain from ordering fried chicken or cookies on your phone, you should be good to go!

You know that when you run out of snacks in the box, you’re out of calories for the day.

2. Make A Workout And Diet Plan

You can give yourself some additional calories to eat by enacting a workout and fitness plan.

For example, if you do 400 calories worth of aerobic exercise every day, you can afford to eat 400 more calories worth of snacks without gaining any extra weight.

Pretty cool, right?

Plus, aerobic exercise is good for your circulation, muscles, and heart health.

3. Eat Only Healthy Snacks

There are lots of healthy snacks that you can eat that won’t be nearly as detrimental to your physical health as unhealthy ones.

However, they can still help to stifle those cravings and to give you something to snack on during those late-night smoke sessions.

So try a few healthier alternatives.

Some fruits and vegetables could be exactly the thing you need.

You could even try some crackers, cheese, and tomatoes!

4. Set Goals For Health And Fitness

If you’re struggling to take your health and fitness goals seriously, you may want to consider writing down some specific plans and milestones for them.

Writing down your goals can really increase the odds of you succeeding at the things you want to succeed at.

This is true regardless of whether you’re a smoker or not.

But sometimes, writing down those daily goals for your calorie budget can help you to stick with it better, despite having the munchies.

5. Drink A Bunch Of Water

Before you smoke, drink a bunch of water—then, drink a bunch more water after you smoke.

You only have so much room in your stomach, and if you fill that room mostly with water—well, you’re probably less likely to be hungry.

Sure, you may still get the munchies—but you probably won’t get them as bad, and you won’t be tempted to eat as much.

Plus, water is great for you.


There you have it.

These five things can help you curb your munchies and just overall have better health and wellness outcomes.

Plus, doing some exercise and eating healthier snacks will also just overall help you to achieve better health and fitness results. So it’s all for a good cause!

Good luck out there. You can do it. Just make a plan and stick with it.