5 Signs That You Need a Desk Booking System

The pandemic has transformed workspaces overnight, and many businesses have now transitioned to a hybrid system. This new way of work presents many new challenges, the top of them being desk booking. Why? Because a hybrid workplace setup means lower office footfall. And that means lesser-than-optimal desk management. This is where a desk booking system can come to the rescue.

A desk booking system helps employees to reserve a workspace at the office. They can choose the type of workspace they require and plan their week ahead. Employees get the freedom to choose where they want to work without wasting time finding a desk. Additionally, the system helps offices to reduce office rent by holding only the minimum number of required desks.

Benefits of a Desk Booking System

A desk booking system automates the process at your workplace, benefitting employees and managers alike. Let’s look at some of these benefits.

Benefits to employees-

  • A quick booking process without contacting their manager
  • They can book a desk online from anywhere
  • They can easily make payments inside the app using their preferred method
  • They can immediately get to work without wasting time looking for a desk

Benefits to managers-

  • A 100% automated management process
  • You can easily access records for occupied and vacant desks, payment history, and who is sitting where on a single platform
  • A desk booking system eliminates overbooking and booking conflicts
  • You can evaluate desk utilization data and offer customized subscription plans to customers, and more.

Do You Need a Desk Booking System?

With a rapid transformation in workplaces, effective space optimization has become vital for optimum productivity. A desk booking system is a great tool to help you accomplish it. It helps you streamline your workspace and experiment with new seating configurations.

If you’re unsure about implementing a desk booking system, here are five surefire signs you need one-

  • You Are Facing Difficulty in Managing Your Space Effectively

Office spaces that are not optimally utilized can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. Many organizations build huge offices for future expansion. As a result, they end up overspending on spaces that become redundant if they don’t expand. If you’re facing a similar challenge and want to utilize your office space efficiently, a desk booking system is what you need.

A desk booking system can help you eliminate expenses on unused office space. At the same time, employees will not have to wait if their favorite spot is unavailable. Thus, a desk booking solution promotes optimum utilization of available space and can help accommodate more employees.

  • You Want to Increase Employee Productivity

When your employees constantly interrupt each other by asking about the availability of their desks, it not only makes them frustrated but also hampers their productivity. As a result, they won’t be able to deliver high-quality work on time.

With a desk booking system, you can eliminate these interruptions and improve employee productivity. Employees can simply log in to the solution to check the current occupancy status of their preferred space. They can also check how long their colleagues will occupy a desk, all thanks to a centralized dashboard with all the booking details.

  • You Want to Save Time

Every minute your employee spends searching for a workspace is a minute wasted. And although a minute or two might not necessarily be a big deal, it can snowball into an alarming number over time, affecting productivity. If you’re looking to prevent this, a desk booking system will be the solution.

With a desk booking system, employees can easily check the availability of their preferred desks and book them in advance. This will help employees save time and quickly accommodate themselves at available desks.

  • You Are Having Trouble Meeting the Occupancy Compliance

The pandemic has induced the era of physical distancing, and these norms have made their way to workspaces too. While aiming for an optimized office space, you also have to re-strategize floor plans and room occupancies. With a desk booking system, you can simplify this process without manual intervention.

You can fulfill the occupancy compliance by limiting the occupancy in crowded areas. In fact, you can also use the solution to maintain physical distancing and mark certain desks as unavailable. This gives you more control over-occupancy and ensures guidelines get enforced.

  • You Want to Move Your Office

Relocating your office can be inconvenient. And if you do not have proper space management at the current location, deciding on your new office layout can be even more difficult. This is where a desk booking system can help you out. Along with desk usage data, a desk booking system gives you a digital layout of the current desk arrangement. This can help you understand which desks get utilized and how, and help you plan your new office space for better desk utilization.

The Bottom Line

A modern workspace requires modern solutions. And if you related to any of the points above, it is the best time to get a desk booking system. With a booking solution, you can easily achieve flexibility and high productivity in your workplace. It can streamline processes not only for employees but also for managers.

With the help of WorkInSync’s desk booking system, you do not need to manage the entire process manually. You can easily upload a detailed floor plan of your workspace and get access to real-time usage analytics and reports, among other valuable features. Additionally, you can also enjoy features like hot-desking and desk hoteling on a single platform. Make your hybrid workspace more efficient and improve employee experience with a desk booking system.