5 Online Programs That Can Help You Manage a Remote Team

5 Online Programs That Can Help You Manage a Remote Team

Being a team leader isn’t just about assigning tasks and expecting them to be done by the day. Collaboration and feedback need to be incorporated into your project management system to ensure proper workflow. With the advent of the latest technologies in digital jobs, it has become effortless to connect and work with different people in distant places.

The Internet has made it possible to share files, documents and collaborate with other team members working from different locations. Many professionals are taking advantage of this technology by setting up their own companies or freelancing. As a business owner with a remote team, here are some of the tools you and your team can use.

1.  GogoPDF

GogoPDF is an online conversion tool that will allow you to convert your PDF document into another file format. Converting Word to PDF or vice versa might be a task you would need to perform while uploading or downloading documents online. You might want to share a file with your community or even team members.

Either way, PDF can help you get the desired file format you need. With GogoPDF, converting files is quick and straightforward. There are only two basic steps you have to follow to achieve this. Many online tools and websites offer PDF conversion functions, but not all are free, like GogoPDF.

2.  Slack

Slack is an instant messaging platform designed specifically for communications across different channels and groups. Slack helps colleagues maintain connectivity, plan projects, share files and documents, and communicate better.

On Slack, you can create several groups and channels which allow you to take advantage of the group’s sharing and collaboration capabilities. These channels are used to share memos, videos, images, text, and other media with colleagues. The ability to manage multiple channels simultaneously makes Slack an ideal tool for large businesses and small organizations.

Apart from its productivity benefits, Slack’s most significant selling point is that it’s an entirely business-friendly platform. Slack’s team chat, called Channels, is highly customizable, allowing your team members to express themselves, ask questions, and collaborate on work even more effectively.

3.  Trello

Trello is a simple open-source project management tool with a radical new paradigm known as Kanban. Projects are represented by boards containing lists of tasks. Lists contain card images that represent tasks. When a user drags and drops a card, it moves to the following list and so forth. Cards are refreshed as tasks are completed, moving them closer together in a line and increasing their likelihood of becoming finished. This is the core idea behind Kanban-style list-making application.

Trello has a deep internal structure based on a framework known as Kanban. Kanban is a flexible framework for collaborating on work through the use of an intuitively simple dashboard. Trello may be considered a digital tool for managing work that allows people to “slide” through the various stages of a project; once you’re done with one task, it’s time to move on to the next in the list.

This tool makes it easy to manage your big project by making changes to streamline the workflow. Trello provides an interface for managing projects and implementing the ideas that underlie those projects. As a project management tool, Trello includes several tools that facilitate the collaboration of different team members.

4.  Skype

Skype is a computer program that enables users in many countries to communicate using an internet connection. Skype was launched in August 2003 and is offered both for free and at a reasonable price for users. Skype allows users to chat and make voice calls on a real-time basis. This eliminates long-distance call charges and can benefit you if you have remote workers from across the globe.

5.  ToDoist

Todoist allows its users to organize and manage their tasks efficiently and to do so in order. The organizational capability of ToDoist is one of its most attractive features. ToDoist can help its users organize their projects and activities much more efficiently by understanding, anticipating, and planning for future goals.

One example of how ToDoist can be helpful in your business is when you want to coordinate a project between team members. With the help of the task manager and the notes function, you can create labels that indicate who is responsible for what part of a task and other information like due dates and notes.

In Conclusion

These tools are great for creating internal discussion groups and disseminating updates to your employees. For a business, this creates an open environment where everyone can openly voice out concerns.

To make your workplace more productive and efficient, consider using one or more project management programs. Their services offer everything you need to manage multiple teams of employees simultaneously from a single interface. Make sure to work smart and take advantage of these available tools!


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