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5 Guidelines That Will Help You In Styling and Accessorising Dresses

With a wave of minimalism taking over the fashion industry, navigating the latest trends has become difficult. Dresses are a staple in every woman’s closet, and not styling them can become stressful. So whether it’s a belt or a dainty necklace, accessorising is crucial.

Especially while buying dresses online, one can find accompanying accessories easily. However, different styles work with multiple clothes, and that versatility is what defines fashion. Read on to understand which pairs work best!

A guide to styling and accessorising can make online shopping a more enjoyable experience.

Why is Accessorising Important?

Accessories allow one to define their style. In addition, they provide a range of styling options, ensuring that one never has to walk into a room looking the day they did before.

While clothes play a crucial role in everyone’s lives, accessories are equally essential by completing one’s appearance.


The primary choice lies between hanging earrings and studs. Both can be dainty or chunky, but the key to making the right decision depends on the dress style. With shift dresses, chunky studs or delicate dangling earrings work best. However, with full-length gowns, chunky dangling earrings are the go-to. Formal dresses look best when paired with intricate studs and pulled up hair.


Belts are of two types – thick banded and bulky or thin and delicate. They help in accentuating the hips and adding a touch of bling to one’s outfit.

Shift dresses usually don’t pair well with belts because they lie flat against the body contours. Gowns and full-length formal dresses usually have high-waisted delicate belts that accentuate the waist. Balloon dresses typically work best with chunky belts as it enhances one’s curves exponentially. Most dresses online come with well-paired dress belts, and don’t forget to look out for them!


The choice between lace and satin gloves is crucial. With mono-coloured dresses, a pair of matching lace gloves complete the look. However, with lacy and detailed dresses, monotone satin gloves work best. Essentially, one should never layer additional detail on detail.

Necklaces, Chains, and Chokers

Most dresses draw attention to the neck, and accessorising the neck can add to one’s style. Chunky necklaces are typically jewel-studded and work best with low-hanging necklines. Dainty chains and chokers look better when paired with mid to high necklines. With dresses that hang off the shoulders, chokers complete the look. Ensure that any neck accessories do not ruin the existing neckline of the dress.


Rings work with most dresses but look best when paired with a snug, full-sleeved bodycon dress. In addition, one should pair chunky rings with delicate and minimalistic dresses to accentuate the look.


Sleeveless dresses leave the arms looking bare. Accessorising with rings and bracelets while wearing sleeveless clothes completes one’s look.

Chunky bracelets work for both dainty and detailed dresses, while dainty bracelets work only for delicate dresses.

Body Chains and Jewellery

These accessories add a lot of bling to one’s look. One should only pair them with minimalistic, sleeveless dresses. They add the illusion of bejewelled clothing and give one the oomph factor.

Working with Tones and Colours

In addition to ensuring that the style and structure work together, one should pay attention to colours. Matching the accessory to the dress colour is one way to ensure confluence. Colours like white and black work well with all tones. While looking at gold and silver (or platinum), skin tones come into play. While silver matches cooler skin tones, gold works best for warmer ones.

Written By- Alison Lurie


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