5 Factors To Consider While Choosing The Best Intranet Platforms

Intranet provides a modern framework for employees. It lets the business have effective communication and engagement in a physical as well as a digital workplace. Here are five factors that you need to consider before buying an intranet system for your business.

Determine Your Business Goals

The first factor that a business needs to consider while choosing the best intranet platform is knowing the business goals. For example, an organization needs to understand whether it is looking for a single platform to coordinate or increased employee collaborations. By defining and addressing business objectives, you can easily predict if the software you choose will help you achieve those goals. Hence whichever platform you end up selecting should cover all your business challenges and join points.

Choose From Cloud-Based Solution And On-Premise

Next is the decision between cloud and on-premise. The argument has been going on for years now. And with various intranet platforms available in the market, you need to be sure about choosing one from the above two.

A cloud-based solution ranges from the ease of access to data to reduced operating expenses. With this, you can operate the data anytime, anywhere and from any of the devices. Talking about the operating expenses, it saves the amount that goes into outsourcing an IT department. No doubt this is a great choice to go for amongst two, but there might be a possibility that your organisation isn’t ready for the cloud. Either the board members may not agree on the same page, or you might be cautious about data security. Whatever the case is, do not hurry in making such a decision. Take time, understand and then choose the best intranet platform for your business.

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Know Your Budget

As mentioned above, there are several intranet systems available in the market. But not all might fall in your budget. Depending on how you allocate your cost structure, you can either purchase a subscription-based service as an operating expense or upfront as a capital expense. Do check out whether the support services are included or need additional payment. If you have just started with your business, it would be great to choose the pay as you go model. This will ensure reasonable costs every month and allow the addition of new employees too.

Consider Integration & Flexibility

Integration is one of the biggest factors that make a company purchase a business intranet. The reason behind using an intranet platform is to ease out business activities for employees. So rather than making them use different platforms for multiple activities, they get everything at one integrated platform. Speaking of flexibility, most of the internet software platforms come with a ‘one size fits all’ approach. This might relieve many as they will not have to use multiple softwares to make their work done. But at the same time, if there is no room for customization, the software will be worthless. Therefore, the platform you choose should not hinder your company’s growth in any direction. So while making your selection, keep flexibility and integration on top of your mind.

The User Experience

If your employees can make use of the internet without needing any prior training, you made the right choice. Evaluate every aspect of the solution to verify that it stands by all your requirements. For example, check if mobile accessibility is possible or specific mobile apps that can help your employees. Apart from this, you can also examine how many people can log in to the intranet, including content contributors and administrators.

Finally, before you kickstart your shopping process for the best intranet platforms, ensure active participation from the team and be mindful of everything mentioned above. This will help you settle with the best.


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