4 Ways to Become a Well-Rounded Project Manager

4 Ways to Become a Well-Rounded Project Manager

Project management is one of the most highly sought-after skills in the market; after all, businesses constantly need individuals who possess skills in leadership, organization, and strategy. Project managers provide a vision for a company’s products and/or services, develop and deploy a plan of action for the team, and oversee the product and service journey for the customer.

Responsibilities and job descriptions can vary between companies, especially those in different industries. Still, the main objective for a project manager is to nurture the lifecycle of a product and efficiently manage a team to achieve the company’s goals.

By the end of the decade, the project management profession is expected to grow by $6.6 trillion. A well-rounded project manager is an essential player in the success of companies. In order to become an expert project manager, keep these tips in mind:

1. Work on Your Communication Skills

A leader cannot effectively manage their team with poor communication. Active listening, empathy, and relationship-building are crucial elements to a project manager’s success. You can improve your communication skills in a few different ways:

  • Practice public speaking.
  • Improve your writing skills (written communication is equally important).
  • Educate yourself on different communication styles.
  • Read books about communication and negotiation.

Clear communication is effective and promotes a positive working environment. Project managers who are gifted communicators tend to run a smooth sailing ship. 

2. Study Data Analysis

Having a complete understanding of data and how to use it is fundamental for a project manager. In fact, one of the key responsibilities of this role is making strategic, informed decisions by examining user data.

Most project managers are also responsible for transforming data into concise and easily digestible reports for upper management or even stakeholders. As such, staying up to speed on data analysis software and trends is highly recommended for project managers who want to maintain their value.

For those looking to higher education to develop new skill sets, pursuing an MBA with an emphasis in project management is a great route to becoming a more well-rounded project manager. This type of study will increase your understanding of core project management competencies that will be invaluable regardless of the industry in which you practice.

3. Remain Business-Savvy

Project managers should have a strong knowledge of business strategy and business principles. That’s because the products for which project managers are responsible need to address customers’ pain points while generating profit for the company — and achieving both goals requires business strategy. 

Strategic ability is honed by education and experience, and it should be a skill that you constantly sharpen. In particular, positioning, pricing, and product strategy are just a few areas in business in which project managers need to be well-read. The more you learn about business and its vast array of specialties, the more prepared you’ll be to apply them in real-world situations.

4. Prioritize Your Customers and Clients

Satisfying users and solving customers’ problems should always be top of mind for every project manager. An effective product manager collects data on their customers and spends time trying to figure out exactly what their pain points and needs are.

Attempt to place yourself in your customers’ shoes and anticipate how your product or service will affect or influence them. Learning to speak directly to the customer will benefit your team and your company.

The Path to Becoming a Successful Project Manager

Aspiring to a career in project management is a smart and worthwhile goal. After all, 93% of organizations report using standardized project management practices. So, be proactive and let prospective employers know what you can bring to the table. Ultimately, learning the most current practices, strategies, and responsibilities of a project manager will put you on the path to success and open doors to an exceptional career.


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