4 Benefits of Being TEFL Certified That Would Surprise You

4 Benefits of Being TEFL Certified That Would Surprise You

A TEFL certification is the internationally known distinction needed to teach English to non-native English language speakers either abroad or online. A TEFL certificate verifies whether you have obtained specialized training from an accredited institution. As such, it is your ticket to working in English language classes. And all you need is to get enough credits in the exam, and you can enroll yourself in a TEFL certificate course to help you with that.

A TEFL certification is generally intended to teach English in non-English speaking international schools. This is because schools and language institutions would like to hire teachers who have received adequate training. And finishing the TEFL certificate course helps you get hired and teach English abroad. But what exactly could you get from this course? Here is a list of benefits you could get:

  1. Helps You Get a Valid Working Visa

Many countries require teachers to have a teaching certificate or another credential, such as a TEFL, to acquire a work visa. This is essential because you would like to teach lawfully anywhere you go. And if you still don’t have a professional license, a quick fix is to receive an approximately 120-hour TEFL certificate, which is usually the mandatory threshold for a work visa.

Online or in-person TEFL classes can be finished in another country. However, later on, once you’ve decided that the role of the teacher is your passion and that you want to pursue it as a profession, you may want to consider earning your professional license as well.

  1. Excellent Resume Enhancer

A TEFL training in the country where you want to work will be a great curriculum vitae booster. And if you cannot complete the in-person part, a virtual TEFL certificate will suffice.

Having completed any form of TEFL curriculum not only entitles you to a work permit across many countries but also demonstrates to schools that you are dedicated to becoming the great educator you can be for your prospective students.

So, including a classroom TEFL certificate on your curriculum vitae demonstrates to prospective employers that you are genuine about teaching overseas since you have begun to teach local students and have first-hand experience delivering teaching materials.

  1. Increases the Number of High-Quality, Well-Paying Job Opportunities

While it is possible to find a teaching position in some states without a teaching degree, you will be in a better job position if you obtain your TEFL certificate. As a result, you’ll be eligible for higher-paying teaching positions. Furthermore, you will broaden your job opportunities in a range of countries that necessitate a TEFL certificate to teach English. And it will help you accomplish this because TEFL certificates don’t ever lapse, so if you choose to try a new opportunity, later on, you can always go back to teaching anytime.

  1. Enables You to Test the Waters Before Plunging I

If you’re changing careers in the hopes of discovering your desire to teach, you must test the waters first to ensure that it’s the right match for you. Meanwhile, the last thing you want is to get to your new job only to find out that you do not want it. Experiencing this would prompt you to wish you could go back home instead.

Taking a TEFL class enables you to get a taste of teaching overseas without committing to a year-long position abroad, which can be beneficial for new teachers. But even so, the majority of people who try out an in-class TEFL training get to love teaching students.

Taking a TEFL class to get a certification offers broader opportunities and advantages to you and your career. So, if you want to advance your passion for teaching or test the waters in building a new career path away from what you are used to, the best thing to do is get a TEFL certificate.

Author: Alison Lurie


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