Penetration Test

3 Major Things You Should Know About Pen Test

A pen test is also known as ethical hacking. A pen test is carried out by ethical hackers who check for vulnerabilities and use different methods and strategies to help different companies detect an attack on the system. The ultimate reason for penetration testing is to identify and highlight the quality of being attacked in the security systems. The company can perform parallel cyber checks to test strengths and other things by performing procedures and methodologies. 

Five basic stages involved in penetration testing:

  • Planning and reconnaissance: This stage involves understanding the basic goals of the testing process and the strategies to be used. Gathering information like network, domains etc., are done to have a better understanding of the final goal. 
  • Scanning: The next step is to see how the goal responds to various situations. This is done by two methods: static and dynamic analysis. In static analysis, the inspection of the code takes place to determine how it will behave during the running stage. In dynamic analysis, it inspects the code in the running stage itself. 
  • Gaining: This stage involves the usage of SQL injection etc., to expose the target goals. After uncovering, they try to utilise the vulnerabilities to know what damages or attacks they can cause. 
  • Maintaining: This stage involves seeing if these attacks can be used to gain the continuous process of the attacked system for a longer period. 
  • Analysis: After all the stages are done, the results are kept together for a report. This report involves the specific areas that have been attacked, the confidential data that has been accessed, and the time the pen test was not detected.  

What are the different types of testing methods in pen testing?

A few different types of testing methods will help in one company following various strategies and methods. It can detect any attacks that will harm the company. The various testing methods are:

  • External testing method: The main goal of the external testing method is to gain complete access to valuable and confidential data and information. It also targets the benefits of the company that appear on the internet. 
  • Internal testing: In internal testing, the tester will have access to the application to trigger an attack caused to the company by an insider.
  • Blind testing: The main goal in blind testing is that the tester is given the name of the attack venture. This will give the security personnel a real-time experience when dealing with the actual application. 
  • Double-blind testing: The main difference with blind testing is that the tester will have no idea about the attack. 
  • Targeted testing: In the targeted testing, both the tester and the personnel will work together. 

What are the main advantages of having a pen test?

Penetration testing has many advantages which will help the company by using such testing procedures. The main advantages or benefits of the pen test are:

  • This testing will have the opportunity to inspect the weaknesses that are already existing in the infrastructure system. It gives a report that informs the vulnerabilities present in the system, so one will know the improvements that have to be considered and different methods that will improve it overall.
  • The pen test will also allow us to see what the hacker would do in the real-time world. It will also identify the vulnerabilities. 
  • One has to detect attacks early and act upon them accurately. Once the attack is detected, one should start investigating and block them. The report will help one improve and take certain actions for defence.

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