2022 Trending Project Management Software You Don’t Want to Miss Out On

2022 Trending Project Management Software You Don’t Want to Miss Out On

The everyday increasing reliance on technology has led to the rise of many efficient software and tools that automates your processes, easing up your organization’s success significantly. There are many options available right at your hand, from which you can pick out the tool ideal for your enterprise. Usually, this software helps better communication, planning, alignment, automation of workflow, better functionality, and more. If you already have some project management professional training, here are some top tools that can help you employ the perfect software for your team’s optimum functionality.


This is one of the best software to keep around for tracking your employees’ progress and is viable for all small to large organizations. Built for productivity and project management, this application helps you track your employees’ daily activity, helping you identify who needs a boost and who is an asset. Its real-time tracking and creating detailed reports add to its list of many attractive features. Through this employee engagement is also done in a good way.


A complex management tool – Wrike provides most standard features you’ll need and more. Gantt charts, a detailed reporting suite, essential dashboards, time tracking, scheduling tool, etc. you will find many features that help in increasing your organization’s efficiency. Nothing says better speedy setup than Wrike which comes with multiple third-party integrations and multi-platform accessibility.


With Sciforma, third-party interface collaboration instantly becomes easier due to its integration of multiple platforms. From detailed performance assessment, forecasting, safety rating, and more, Sciforma is capable of managing multiple projects and resources simultaneously and provides brilliant features making it viable for IT to government projects and more.


One of the oldest tools to survive in the world of project management professionals, Basecamp is one of the best collaboration tools out there. It takes the best from most worlds and provides the best possible conglomeration of all. A distinct and powerful interface with many useful tools and features from email integration, scheduling, file storage, and more, Basecamp is an ideal software for working with your clients and even for employees.


Not every software is able to handle the workload and complexity of a large organization. And definitely not better than LiquidPlanner, although Celoxis comes a close parallel. Starting off back in 2006, this application is an online project management system and was only recently ranked as the best for managing and analyzing company data by Business News Daily. It is a priority-based predictive solution and is one of the very first software as a service project management tools.


Teamwork is ideally used to handle client work, helping with eliminating potential errors and faults in the system. Imagine being able to keep all your simple to complex projects organized and at their top always on time and with ease, all at the same stop – Teamwork is what you need for that. Time, value, and in an allotted budget, flexibility and most importantly providing your clients signature advanced features, Teamwork is a great tool if you are looking forward to impressing your customers.

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