10 Toddler Travel Essentials You Shouldn’t Leave Home Without

10 Toddler Travel Essentials You Shouldn’t Leave Home Without

Travelling with a toddler is not an easy thing. It becomes even more difficult when you have more than one kid in your family. There is too much on the plate from planning about the places to visit, packing everything for the trip. What if there was a complete guide for planning a trip with toddlers? How much easier could it make things for you?

Well, the good news is you’ve just landed on one such guide. Here are the top ten travel essentials you must pack for travelling with a toddler.

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1. Stroller Wagon:

If you’re going on an adventurous trip, you should know that traditional strollers don’t work on rough terrains. Baby carriers and strollers fail when it comes to long trips or any family adventure. For that, you might need a Wonderfold stroller wagon. Stroller wagons are specially designed for all-terrain and offer extra safety features like a 5-point harness safety belt to keep your toddler safe when having family adventures. Also, if you’ve more than one kid or baby, a quad stroller wagon can accommodate them all. There are some other features like one-hand fold/unfold, one-step breaking system, pull & push feature that makes it an absolute necessity for travelling with the kids. Investing in getting a good stroller wagon will serve your family for a long tern so you can even use it after the trip. The stroller wagons are very durable. Some wonderfold models offer a weight capacity of 300 lbs. That means you can also load it your travel belonging along with boarding your kid into it,

2. Spill-roof snacks cup: 

It is an essential item for travelling with toddlers. Toddlers consume snacks a lot during travelling. It fulfils their hunger and also can be a great distraction, a time killer during travel days. However, a spill-proof snack cup can make things even better. It can help toddlers to hold their snacks and give you a free hand. Also, it will reduce the mess.

3. Travel high chair:

Let’s be honest. Toddlers are the messiest eaters. That’s why it’s essential to keep a portable high chair for toddlers. It can come in quite handy in Airbnb rooms during travelling. However, if you have got a foldable stroller wagon with you, that would be enough for all the toddlers to eat into.

4. Toddler travel bed:

One of the few main struggles while travelling with toddlers is their sleep. That’s why you must bring a toddler travel bed along with you or baby travel cushions where toddlers can sleep peacefully on every flight. In addition, you can opt for Fly Tots, which is a premium inflatable flight bed.

5. White noise machine:

Every family with a toddler has white noise machines at home. It works very effectively in making toddlers or babies sleep. That makes a white noise machine an excellent item for travelling with toddlers. This device will help you make your babies sleep in hotels, rooms and flights during travel days because it provides the babies with familiar feelings like their home so they won’t disturb you and sleep peacefully regardless of the place.

6. Ipad or tablet:

The toddlers can get easily bored and start crying on long travels. That’s why entertainment is a must. For that, you carry an iPad or tablet along with you with some downloaded games or apps for the toddler’s entertainment. Doing that will keep your toddler entertained on the extended travels, and you can truly enjoy the trip with complete peace of mind.

7. Noise-cancelling headphones:

Headphones are among the must-have accessories for travelling. During the flights on long road trips, you or the toddler can enjoy music or Netflix cartoons. Also, toddlers are very sensitive to noises and easily get disturbed. So keeping noise cancellation headphones can be a good distraction for them.

8. Large Multifunction Waterproof Travel Backpack:

A diaper backpack is a must-have item for travelling with toddlers. However, we don’t recommend using an ordinary backpack due to less storage, and there is no waterproof feature. Instead, invest in a large multifunction waterproof travel baby nappy backpack with a designated space for keeping diapers and other essentials of the toddlers like feeder, snacks, tissues, etc. The travel backpacks are very lightweight and made up of waterproof fabric that makes travelling with toddlers much more convenient for the parents. So, make sure to bring that with you.

9. Thermometer and Medicines  

Even if your toddlers are perfectly healthy, the change of atmosphere or tiredness during travel can imbalance their health. In order to monitor that, you must keep a thermometer and Infants Tylenol in your travel backpack. Also, keep standard medicines for cough and fever if you’re travelling to another country as the language barrier can make the situation nerve-wracking when you’re trying to buy medicine.

10. Toddler Toys:

When preparing luggage for travelling, don’t forget to add the toddler toys to it. However, we don’t recommend filling many toys in the bag as it can make the luggage heavy and take excessive space. Instead, just pack a few of them which your kids can use during the travel days.

Final Words:

The list could be very long if we cover all the travelling essentials in it. However, we’ve covered all the must-have items in this article and hope it will help you while planning to travel with a toddler.



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