10 Mind-Blowing Facts About Online Casinos

10 Mind-Blowing Facts About Online Casinos 

There are countless facts about online casinos that you should understand before you deposit funds and play games. Here are these facts.

Facts About Online Casinos: Amazing Trivia You Won’t Believe

When looking at different facts about online casinos, it becomes clear that most people love playing online slots and have enjoyed trips to this or that casino. Since ancient times, casino games have been an integral part of human culture. Today, it is easier than ever to play poker or spin the reels at a slot machine. However, the history and development of casinos are still under a veil of mystery. These are some facts about one of our favorite pastimes.

Facts About Online Casinos: Top 10 List

One Man Sold Everything and Bet It All on a Single Roulette Turn

In 2004, the UK aired Double or Nothing, a television series. The series featured Ashley Revell, an English professional gambler who wanted to sell everything to stake it all on the roulette wheel.

Through a series of car boot sales, auctions, and other means, Revell raised £135,300. He left behind only the clothes on his back. He headed to Las Vegas’ Plaza Hotel and Casino for the roulette wheel. The punter went with number seven red, which thankfully for Revell, won and paid him a cool £270,000. Besides being a joyous moment, it also made for great television. You can check video-sharing sites to see the original footage.

The Longest Poker Game Lasted Over Eight Years

Skill, luck, and patience make a good poker player. Modern tournaments can last for hours, days, or even months, but this is nothing compared with the world’s poker endurance record. As far as facts about online casinos go, this entry on the list has to do with a land-based game, but that doesn’t make it any less impressive.

In 1881, an exceptionally long poker game began. A basement theatre in Arizona hosted a match that lasted eight years, five months, and three days. You can be sure there were breaks, but legend says that the game was played continuously 24 hours a day with occasional sleep and comfort breaks.

Although there isn’t much hard evidence to support this story, the game must have been a fantastic marathon at the theater. Rumors also suggest that $10,000,000 in cash changed hands.

Poker Can Make a Lucrative Second Career

What can sportsmen and sportswomen do after their playing career ends? There are many options, but only a few people have successfully transitioned to poker. Teddy Sheringham, a former England, Tottenham Spurs, and Manchester United striker, is well-known for making over £330,000 at poker tables. There are many others like him.

When it comes to facts about online casinos, it’s not just sportspeople who can make a very lucrative career from poker. Victoria Coren Mitchell, a writer and broadcaster, is a well-known player who recently returned to the table after a long break. Coren Mitchell was the first professional poker player to win the prestigious European Poker Tour trophy twice.

The $39.7 Million Jackpot Was the Biggest Win on a Slot Machine

Although casino jackpots typically award life-changing amounts, landing a win from a mere slot machine is still a staggering achievement. It was a surprise that it landed in Las Vegas when an unnamed LA software engineer wagered $100,000 on Megabucks at Excalibur Casino.

True to its name, Megabucks returned $39.7 million. This record has been in place since 2003. It will be difficult to break, but you should keep an eye on Las Vegas in the future, just in case. With over 200,000 slots available, this city is the heart of slot play.

Casinos Originated in Italy

There are many stunning casinos around the globe, including some in notable places like Macao, London, and Las Vegas. All casinos claim to offer the best experience, but who was the first?

Judging by the data and facts about online casinos, this honor goes to Italy, where the term “casino” originated. The root word “casa” means house, and the term subsequently included a variety of establishments like summerhouses and social clubs. It is a historical fact that organized gambling dates back to Venice, 1638. Although other countries may have taken up the baton with enthusiasm, gamblers owe a lot to the Italians.

Slot Games First Saw Light of Day in 1887

Although it is difficult to pinpoint the origin of many of our favorite table games, we know that the first slot machine premiered in 1887. Charles Fell, who developed the Liberty Bell design, released it in 1891.

Although the original slot was simple in design, it was groundbreaking and set the stage for a boom of slot machines.

British Casinos Boomed Throughout London

Although this may not be among the most shocking facts about online casinos, it is interesting to see the evolution of London’s gambling venues. Dedicated gaming houses emerged from many sources after Bath became the UK’s gaming epicenter.

White’s, for example, was once a chocolate house. Other locations developed from gentlemen’s clubs, and eventually, the English capital was home to a thriving casino scene.

Online Slot Machine Record: 17.8 Million Euros

While online slot jackpots aren’t yet able to match the staggering $39.7million jackpot mentioned earlier, they still return impressive multiple-figure numbers. The current record is €17,861,800 and became etched into the annals of history in 2013.

The prize landed on Mega Fortune and went to a player from Finland. It is approximately £16.5 million. The current UK record is £13.2million, and Jonathan Heywood holds this record, who staked just 25p on Mega Moolah. 

Slot Machines Must Pay at Least 70%

RTP is a necessary term when it comes to facts about online casinos. These letters stand for “Return to Player.” They refer to the expected percentage of money the game will pay to players. According to the UK Gambling Commission, all online casinos operating in Great Britain must set a minimum RTP of 70%. This rule means that 70p per staked £1.00 must go back to the player as an average.

This number is the average, but it’s not the exact number. For instance, King of Atlantis has an RTP of 96.14%, King Kong Fury is at 96.703%, and Koi Princess stands at 96.23%. These figures are well above the minimum of 70%, and the average RTP for most online slots is around 96%.

Robert Maxwell: The World’s Biggest Roulette Loser

Lastly, we’ll mention the unfortunate Robert Maxwell in a move away from the poker tables to the roulette wheel. The media mogul was controversial and well-known in the 1980s. He also enjoyed a few spins on the roulette tables.

Maxwell lost £1.5 million one evening at Les Ambassadeurs Club, Mayfair. He was playing at three different tables simultaneously. It was a staggering loss, but one that Maxwell, a multi-millionaire businessman, could probably cover quite comfortably. 

As far as facts about online casinos go, there were countless others we simply didn’t have the space to include. For more facts and industry info, check out IRL Casino. Good luck! 


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