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Exotic Autowa

Having years of experience and understanding of Paint Protection, Paint Correction and the Auto Detailing Ottawa & Orleans needs of vehicles. Dealing with various types of vehicles ranging from luxury/high-end to exotic/super cars we know very well that each vehicle has its own unique needs in order to be protected and maintained properly. Each service we provide is tailored to meet the necessities of a vehicle while exceeding the demands of its owners.

Protect, Restore and Maintain

Our Auto Paint Protection Ottawa & Orleans services range from being able to protect both inside and outside of your brand new car with Suntek Ultra Paint Protection Film and Ceramic Pro. Paint correction services allow us to restore your used vehicle followed by paint protection for long lasting results. Our Auto Detailing Ottawa & Orleans services vary between hand washes to extensive and thorough detailing in order to maintain the overall aesthetics of both the interior and exterior of your car. Whether it’s protection, restoration or maintenance Exotic Autowa can provide the services your car needs.

Auto Paint Protection Film (PPF)

Auto Paint Protection Film (PPF) Ottawa & Orleans is an invisible and self-healing plastic film which is known as one of the best forms of protection the automotive industry has to offer. Thick enough to provide enough durable protection to prevent stone/rock chips and light scratches. Slick enough to be nearly invisible at first glance and provides stain resistance against bug splatters, bird droppings and other acids.

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Ceramic Pro Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Pro Ottawa & Orleans is a ceramic coating that cures as a rigid and flexible glass shield. This is a protection that “locks in” the newness of your car and preserves it for years. This ceramic coating is known for its durability against harsh weathers, especially Canadian winters. Experience the feeling of driving a new car everyday with Ceramic Pro!

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Auto Detailing

Our Auto Detailing Ottawa & Orleans services consist of various packages which serve the many different needs of your car. We have services that range from a basic hand wash to extremely thorough detailing on both the exterior and interior of your car such as interior shampoo cleaning, salt removal, brake dust removal and machine applied carnauba wax.

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Paint Correction

Also known as buffing or polishing, Paint Correction Ottawa & Orleans is the highly skilled art of carefully removing defective clear coat off your car’s paint to expose a fresh and flawless layer of clear coat. Defects are known as swirls (or spider webbing), scratches and etches. As hard as it is to believe these defects aren’t only found in used cars but new cars almost always have them as well.

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