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New Car Protection Ottawa & Orleans

Just purchased your new car? Now one of your concerns are how can I keep my new car looking as great or even better than day I bought it? Don’t accept bootleg protection services & products from stealerships. We at Exotic Autowa specialize in new car protection packages that will keep your new car looking mint for years. We are trained and certified specialists in two highly effective and reputable services: Ceramic Pro & Paint Protection Film Ottawa & Orleans. Our packages range from either of those services separately or a combination of both to give your car the ultimate protection it deserves. Invest in any of our durable, self-cleaning, low-maintenance new car protection packages and experience driving a new car every day!

Paint Protection Film, or PPF for short, is a clear film that is applied to your car’s painted surfaces. PPF provides protection against stone chips, insect/bird acids, road salt, scratches, swirl marks and other types of unforeseen damage that can come into contact with your paint. Think of it as a durable, sacrificial layer of plastic that can easily be removed and replaced without damaging your car’s original paint. This self-healing plastic takes on all of the damages that can be inflicted by road debris and environmental damages. We use SunTek Ultra Auto Paint Protection Film Ottawa which has an innovative top coat. The top coat is not only hydrophobic but also contains superior self-healing properties which activate by heat from the sun or even from your car’s engine. Backed by a 10 year limited warranty, this is a great from of long term Ottawa car paint protection.

Our Ceramic Pro Ottawa & Orleans services provide an unbeatable level of shine. Its hydrophobic effects result in self cleaning properties so you spend less time maintaining your vehicle and more time enjoying it. Ceramic Pro can be applied on all sorts of surfaces including paint, wheels, glass and leather. Depending on the amount of layers applied, the coating can last anywhere from 2 years (ideal for leased vehicles) all the way up to the entire lifetime of the vehicle. The warranty for this service also varies between 2 years to the entire lifetime of the vehicle as well. Our Ceramic Coating Ottawa services offer 3 different paint protection packages: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. We at Exotic Autowa have the experience and knowledge to give you the highest quality install of ceramic coatings in Ottawa.

Benefits of Paint Protection Film Ottawa & Orleans

Paint Protection Film is very durable and heavy duty and was actually originally used for military-grade vehicles and airships back in the 1990’s. Fast forward to today it has a become a must-needed form of paint protection, especially on a car’s most vulnerable impact areas. Here
are some benefits of our film:

  • Self-healing so light scratches and minor chips will take care of themselves using heat from the sun or your car’s engine.
  • Will protect against stone chips which will take away from the look of your car and rust over time.
  • Parking lot scratches and scrapes often either wipe off or are fixed by simply removing and replacing the film. We have had many cases where the original paint is saved by our film and the client is saved an expensive trip to the body shop.
  • Our film provides an invisible effect where you won’t even know it’s there but will still have the piece of mind that your car is protected.
  • Provides tough protection while maintaining incredible shine.
  • Backed by a 10-year warranty.

​Benefits of Ceramic Pro Ottawa & Orleans

Ceramic Pro is a liquid nano coating that cures as glass on your paint, wheels and glass surfaces. Once this ceramic coating bonds to its applied surface it permanently transforms it. Ceramic Pro creates a low surface energy which does not allow elements to stick to the protected area. This prevents harmful elements from dulling, staining, and damaging. Here are some benefits of our ceramic coating Ottawa:

  • Since Ceramic Pro does not let harmful elements stick this offers great protection against harsh Canadian winters and the damages it can inflict on your car’s paint.
  • Cost effective way to protect your entire car including paint, wheels, glass and leather surfaces.
  • Locks in the new car look of your car and provides an extremely glossy shine for years.
  • Self-cleaning properties that will allow your car to stay cleaner longer.
  • Cuts down maintenance of your car as you’ll find you have to wash it less often.
  • Provides a barrier of protection against acids from bugs, bird droppings, and tree sap.
  • Warranty ranging from 2 years to lifetime of the vehicle.

What does Exotic Autowa recommend?

Exotic Autowa will never try to upsell you or make recommendations just to make a quick buck. We only provide honest suggestions based on our customer’s needs and wants. Our knowledge, experience and customer feedback over the past few years leads us to suggest going with either 1 of the 2 following recommendations:

1. Full Vehicle PPF: Fully wrapping your entire car in paint protection film is the best form of protection for any car. This offers durable, self-healing, sacrificial protection on the whole car from bumper to bumper, roof to rockers.This puts your car in a position where should any damage occur the plastic can take the damage while leaving the original paint underneath unharmed. It is generally much cheaper to remove and replace the PPF than to have a panel repainted or replaced. Another thing to keep in mind is that having your car protected in paint protection film raises its resale value substantially compared to unprotected cars in the same year, make, and model. The moment a car is repainted or has a panel replaced its resale value drops significantly.

2. Combination of PPF and Ceramic Pro: Our second best recommendation which is much more cost effective is to do a combination of Paint Protection Film and Ceramic Pro. This ensures that your car’s most vulnerable impact areas receive durable protection against road debris while still providing protection on the rest of the car. This package also benefits your wheels and glass surfaces. This also allows us to provide customer packages based off your car’s needs as well as your budget. As long as you drive protected your car will look mint for years and have a significantly increased resale value compared to others on the road.

Ottawa Paint Protection Film

Protection level 1

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  • Full Vehicle PPF wrap

  • Durability:​ 10 years

  • Includes paint decontamination prep process
  • Extreme protection against stone chips, scratches, road salt etc.
  • Entire vehicle wrapped using pre-cut software kits
  • 10-year warranty
Ceramic Pro Coatings

Protection level 2

  • Combination of PPF & Ceramic Pro

  • Durability: from 5 years to lifetime of vehicle

  • Full front end paint protection film
  • Ceramic Pro on paint, wheels and glass surfaces
  • Long lasting protection on entire car
  • Warranty from 5 years to entire lifetime of vehicle
Ceramic Pro Coatings

Protection level 3

  • Ceramic Pro Gold package or Supreme PPF package

  • Durability: 10 years+

  • Full car Ceramic Pro including paint, wheels, and glass
  • OR
  • Full front end PPF
  • Warranty from 10 years to lifetime of car

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