Do You Need Ceramic Coatings & Paint Protection Film?

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What brands does Exotic Autowa use?2018-08-13T11:35:49+00:00

Exotic Autowa only uses tested, reputable and efficient products which allow us to provide long-lasting, satisfying results for our clients.

  • Buff and Shine
  • Carpro
  • Ceramic Pro
  • Dr. Beasley’s
  • Griot’s Garage
  • Makita
  • Meguiar’s
  • Menzerna
  • Porter Cable
  • Rupes
  • Sonax
  • Wheel Whoolies
Do new cars require detailing?2018-08-13T11:33:46+00:00

As hard as it is to believe, brand new cars always need detailing and our advice to all of our clients is to add detailing to their to-do list when they take delivery of their new car. So far every brand new car that has been brought to us has been delivered with imperfections in the paint finish which occur from multiple scenarios:

  • Transportation to the dealership from the manufacturer’s factory
  • Incorrect maintenance while at the dealership
  • Test drives
  • Outdoor storage without protection from elements
  • Worst of all, the pre-delivery detail after the car is sold.

All of these factors contribute to a “brand new” car being delivered damaged and result in an unsatisfied new car owner. New cars are then brought to Exotic Autowa where each imperfection is thoroughly analyzed, permanently removed followed by an application of the best protection for the vehicle depending on our clients desires.

What is Paint Correction?2018-08-13T11:32:58+00:00

Paint Correction is the process of removing imperfections in a vehicle’s paint finish often resulting in the vehicle looking better than the day it rolled out of the factory. Imperfections can include swirls, marring, buffer trails, scratches, and holograms. Most cars, even new, are filled with these imperfections which can occur prior to delivery of your new car or just from daily driving followed by improper car wash techniques. Exotic Autowa is equipped with a variety of tools and equipment including sandpapers/disks, compounds, polishes, polishers and paint protective coatings. This allows us to provide each vehicle with a custom and unique step-by-step system of paint correction depending on the vehicles needs and our client’s desires.

What is Auto Detailing?2018-08-13T11:32:06+00:00

At Exotic Autowa auto detailing is the act of a deep and meticulous cleaning, polishing, restoring, preserving and maintaining both the interior and exterior of a vehicle.

Paint Protection Film vs Ceramic Coating2018-08-13T11:28:23+00:00

Once you finally get your new car you ask the question “how should I protect it and with what?”. The two most common forms of paint protection in Ottawa involve paint protection film and a ceramic coating. The key difference is that the film is a sacrificial plastic layer that sticks to your car’s paint and protects it. Whereas the coating is a liquid that acts as a stronger clear coat and is able to protect your paint, wheels, windows, and leather. The main benefit of the film is protection against rock chips, swirls and surface scratches which is an advantage that the coating doesn’t offer. A ceramic coating will “lock in the newness” of your car and keep your car’s paint, wheels, windows and leather looking extremely glossy for years. The best form of protection you can provide for your car is a mix of paint protection film on the front end followed by a ceramic coating on the rest of the car. This will ensure your car’s main impact areas are protected against road debris that causes chips and the rest of your car’s paint is protected against environment hazards (Canadian winters) that will fade the paint over time.

Quality detailing in Ottawa compared to bad detailing. What sets us apart?2018-08-18T21:04:34+00:00

There are a variety of characteristics that can be found in a quality detail shop but here are the main features that make Exotic Autowa stand out:

Knowledge. When you are deciding who to trust with your vehicle always ask the questions you’d like answers to. We are here to serve our clients and make their experience with us as clear, smooth and pleasant as possible. Our knowledge and experience assure our customers that their investment is in safe hands and they can expect the end results they were promised. Ask yourself, who do you trust with your investment? The high volume detail shops that put the coin first or the professional detailing shops that focus on quality and customer satisfaction? Years of experience, passion to restore, preserve, maintain and a mindset focused on specializing in strictly luxury and exotic vehicles in Ottawa and Orleans is what forms Exotic Autowa.
Tools and Equipment. Similar to any other industry the auto detailing industry has a full spectrum of tools and equipment ranging from high quality to low quality. At one end there are the high volume detail shops that focus on cheap products to get their present job done. Not only does this result in minimal protection but these low-end products are designed to work as quickly as possible as they are made with caustic chemicals which can cause harm to a vehicle’s paint, vinyl, leather, plastic, and fabric. On the other end, there are high-end, reputable tools and equipment designed and tested over years. Imported from across the world, this results in us being able to provide the safest and most protected level of long-lasting results. In fact, we are equipped with products like Ceramic Pro which are exclusively provided by trained and licensed installers to correctly apply and warranty them. As we continuously test and use the safest, best and newest, our clients can be assured that Exotic Autowa is constantly updating their arsenal.
Trust. Your investment should always be left in the hands of an automotive shop you trust. Exotic Auto strives to maintain a long lasting relationship with our clients and part of that is built on trust. Many of our customers have repeatedly told us that the reason they initially chose Exotic Autowa was that it was evident that our intentions were to provide whats best for their vehicles and only whats necessary. We are by no means pushy and by all means are informative. Our information and recommendations are always honest and will only benefit our clients. We are never looking to push a quick “up-sale” through an unnecessary service.